5 driving safety tips for July 4th

June 21st, 2019 by

July 4th is coming, and with it brings fireworks, food, and plenty of festivities. However, next to New Year’s Eve it’s also one of the most dangerous times of the year to be out and about on the road. Toyota of Orlando is here with 5 driving safety tips to help you enjoy your holiday weekend but still make it home safe. Read on!

holiday driving safety

Use these driving safety tips this July 4th holiday

Tip #1: Watch out for motorcycles. 

4th of July happens in the height of summer, and it’s a great time for motorcyclists to hit the road. However, this means you need to be extra vigilant behind the wheel of your Orlando Toyota. Be on the lookout for bikers and carefully check all of your blind spots before making any moves on the road. And remember not to follow them too closely – give yourself plenty of braking time.

Tip #2: Don’t drink and drive. 

You should NEVER drink and drive, but especially not on July 4th weekend. There are a lot more vehicles out on the road with people traveling to and from festivities and you need to be as alert as possible to avoid an accident. Additionally, there are usually DUI checkpoints set up all over the place to prevent drunk driving. Don’t take your chances on getting into an accident – have a designated driver or hire an Uber to take you home.

Tip #3: Try to get home earlier, if possible. 

The later it gets, the more drunk drivers there are out on the road, unfortunately. For maximum driving safety, try to make it to your final destination as early as possible and stay there until the morning if you can. You don’t want to be out and about when festivities have ended and drunk people are driving home.

Tip #4: Don’t get distracted by fireworks. 

Fireworks are awesome – there’s no doubt about it. But you should resist viewing them from the driver’s seat as they’re also a huge distraction from driving safety, taking your eyes off the road. If you feel the need to see the show, pull your car over and put it in park before you start viewing. Remember to park in a safe place and turn your hazards on so other drivers see your vehicle.

Tip #5: Watch out for pedestrians and pets. 

Foot traffic is likely to be heavier in suburban and urban areas because of parties and fireworks, so be on the lookout for people crossing the street where they shouldn’t be and be sure to bring your Orlando Toyota to a full stop at crosswalks, stop signs, and red lights. Additionally, pets are easily spooked by fireworks so be mindful and pay close attention to the road to avoid hitting any animals that may dart into your path.

Get more driving safety tips from Toyota of Orlando

We hope you have an incredible July 4th weekend – don’t forget to check out our sales event and stay safe! If you want more driving safety tips or need to get your ride serviced before you hit the road, call Toyota of Orlando today. We’re open seven days a week, even July 4th, until 10pm at (407) 298-4500.