6 road trip games to play this holiday season

December 14th, 2018 by

Are you hitting the highway this holiday season? The miles can seem to stretch on forever when you’re on a road trip, especially if you’re excited about reaching your final destination. Toyota of Orlando is here with some road trip games you can play to speed things up – just remember, if you’re behind the wheel your MAIN focus should be on the road ahead. Check out these 6 games you should try out while hitting the road this holiday season.

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Toyota of Orlando’s top road trip games

#1: 20 Questions 

This is pretty simple and can be played with passengers of any age. One passenger thinks of something, and the other passengers have to guess what that person is thinking by asking questions – fewer than 20 questions, to be exact. If they don’t get the answer within 20 questions, they lose!

#2: Did you hear that…

If you’re hip and up-to-date with pop culture, news, and current events, then this game is for you and your passengers. Basically, one person starts by saying “Did you hear that ___ happened?” Your opponent can say “That didn’t happen” or “Tell me more”. If they guess correctly that it didn’t happen, they get two points. If they guess incorrectly that it didn’t happen, you steal one of their points and get two for yourself. If they say “Tell me more” and your statement wasn’t true, you get two points.

#3: The Movie Game 

This road trip game connects actors, actresses, and their roles in movies. One passenger says an actor or actress’ name and the next person has to state a movie that they were in. The next person after them has to state another actor or actress also in that movie, and the next person has to state a different movie that THAT actor or actress was in… and so on. If you’re stumped,  you’re out!

#4: Fortunately/Unfortunately 

In this game, one person starts by stating “Fortunately…” and saying something fortunate. The next person has to say “Unfortunately…” and state something unfortunate about the fortunate situation. The game continues around, going back and forth between fortunately and unfortunately. If you can’t think of something to say, you get a strike… three strikes and you’re out!

#5: I Spy 

I Spy is great for kids of all ages! One person gives a clue along the lines of “I spy with my little eye something that is ___.” The passengers in the car have to guess what that something is – it could be something inside or outside of the vehicle.

#6: I’m going on a picnic 

This game is alphabet- and memory-based. One person starts with the letter A, saying “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…”. The thing they bring must start with A. The next person says “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” And they have to state the thing beginning with A and a NEW thing beginning with B. The game continues on until you’ve made it through the whole alphabet!

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