Your car transmission: What you should know

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When you hit the road, a lot of moving parts make it happen. Your car’s engine and the inner workings are more complicated than you might think and it’s good to have a basic understanding of how it all comes together so you can better prepare for and comprehend your auto repair and maintenance needs. Today we’re talking about your car’s transmission and giving you the basics on what it does so you can understand why it’s important to performance.

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Your car transmission, explained

Did you know there are two main types of car transmissions? Here’s the breakdown.

Manual transmissions are the OG – back in the day, most cars had this type of transmission. In this configuration, shifting is done manually by the driver with a clutch and a shifter. The driver has to move up and down between gears as the vehicle accelerates and slows, which means you have to be paying close attention while you’re behind the wheel.

Automatic transmissions are newer and nowadays, the more common of the two types. Shifting is done automatically by your Orlando Toyota, requiring no shifting from you as the driver. This type of transmission usually allows for smoother shifting but at the same time, decreases fuel efficiency a bit due to a slight lag in gear shifting.

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What types of automatic transmissions are there?

To break it down even further, there are actually 4 different types of automatic transmissions. Here are the basics:

  1. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): This type of transmission is one you’ll find used a lot in our Orlando Toyotas. It sounds odd, but this one actually doesn’t shift. CVTs use pulleys instead of gears to make your transition between speeds and RPMs as smooth as possible. They don’t have the typical shifting “feel” of other vehicles, but they can be louder and usually can’t produce a ton of power for your performance.
  2. Conventional automatic: This type of transmission uses a torque converter and electronically-controlled clutch pack to do all the shifting for you – all you have to do as a driver is accelerate with the gas pedal and hit the brakes to slow.
  3. Automated Manual: This type of transmission is a mix of automatic and manual. It doesn’t use a manual clutch, instead using a computer-automated clutch. If you buy an Orlando Toyota with this type of car transmission, you’ll usually find that it comes with paddle shifters or a manual sport mode.
  4. Dual-clutch automated manual: This is a particularly unique type of car transmission and you won’t find it on too many vehicles. It uses two different gear shafts with one numbered for odd gears and one numbered for even gears, all in all numbering 1-7. Your car’s computer pre-selects the gears and automatically shifts, disengaging the first gear to move to the next and taking care of all of the shifting for you as the car speeds up and slows.

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