Tips for spotting irregular car tire wear

October 22nd, 2020 by

Your car tires play a crucial role when it comes to your Orlando Toyota’s performance. They’re what meets the road, after all, and if they’re not in good condition then your performance as a whole (and possibly even your safety) will suffer. Toyota of Orlando is here to help! Some of the most common car tire problems we see stem from irregular wear, and we’re here to help you spot these problematic wear patterns before they do a number on your car. Check it out.

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The 6 most common types of car tire wear

Type 1: Center wear

Center wear is when the center of your tire has excessive wear, more than the sides of the tire. This is typically caused by overinflation of the tire. The PSI is too high and this causes your tire to bulge and in turn, wear unevenly. Our Orlando Toyota service techs can check your PSI levels to ensure your tires get to where they need to be.

Type 2: Side wear

On the other hand, if your tires aren’t inflated enough and your PSI is too low, you’ll notice side where. This is where the sides of the tires wear faster than the center. This also reduces fuel efficiency and could even signify an issue with your alignment, so let our Orlando auto service techs take a look.

Type 3: Sidewall wear

The sidewall of your car tires doesn’t even touch the road, but it can still have uneven wear. This is usually caused by rubbing curbs or other structures as you try to park, especially if you’re parallel parking. Sidewall damage puts you at high risk of a tire blowout so don’t ignore this type of wear and bring your car to Toyota of Orlando ASAP.

Type 4: Feathering

Feathering actually can’t be see by the eye, but this type of car tire wear can definitely be felt. It feels like spiky or sharp edges when you run your hand along the tire and is usually caused by alignment issues or overly aggressive driving.

Type 5: Cupping

Cupping happens when your car tires are actually bouncing on the road. This results in small, cuplike divots in your tires that can cause problems over time. If your tires are bouncing, it’s likely due to issues with your car’s suspension or shocks, so it’s worth looking into.

Type 6: Flat spots

You’ll be able to both feel flat spots when you’re driving and see them when you’re not. These spots usually develop on your car tires because you’re braking too aggressively. If you notice these areas on your tires, bring your car to Toyota of Orlando so we can help you remedy the problem.

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