How caring for your car tires can prevent a blowout

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Have you ever experienced a tire blowout? It’s a pretty frightening experience. Blowouts occur when your tire suddenly bursts and loses all of its air pressure rapidly. When this happens, your tire can no longer support the weight of your car and collapses. Blowouts are dangerous because when they occur, you lose control of your vehicle for a few moments (not to mention, the loud noise they make can easily startle you or the cars around you). If you’re moving at a high speed or driving on a slick surface, your chances of an accident or collision are high. Rear tire blowouts are exceptionally dangerous because they can cause your car to fishtail.

Orlando car tire care tips

How can you prevent a tire blowout?

Luckily, your chances of experiencing a blowout are slimmer if you keep up with the right car tire care. Here’s what our Orlando auto service techs recommend to keep your car tires in top shape and prevent flat tires and blowouts!

Keep your tires inflated to the right PSI. Underinflated tires can’t properly carry the weight of your car because that air pressure is what keeps things supported. When your PSI is too low, it puts major stress on the tire and causes it to overflex, eventually leading to a blowout because the tire simply can’t flex any further. You can find the right level PSI in your owner’s manual or on a small placard on the driver’s side doorjamb.

Avoid potholes. Potholes can do a number on your car, resulting in alignment, suspension, and tire issues (and a big dent in your bank account). Hitting a pothole, curb or any other road hazard can damage your tire and its internal components. This makes it weaker and more likely to blow out under pressure.

Don’t overload your car. Your car has a weight limit, believe it or not, and if you exceed that limit it puts a lot of stress on your car tires when you’re out on the road. This can damage them, especially if they’re underinflated. Be sure to check your Gross Vehicular Weight Rating (you can find it in your owner’s manual or on the driver’s side doorjamb next to the PSI recommendations).

Keep up with maintenance. You should be inspecting your tires routinely, checking the PSI, and having them rotated on a schedule. This is especially true if you find yourself driving on the highway a lot; driving at high speeds takes its toll on tires. If you don’t keep up with basic car tire care, then your tires will wear out faster and be prone to blowouts if you don’t replace them.

Keep a special eye on your car tires during the spring and summer. Blowouts are more likely to happen when the pavement is at its hottest.

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