The dos and don’ts of pollen and your car

March 19th, 2021 by

Have you noticed that things seem to be very… green, lately? And we’re not talking about the trees. Pollen is in the air and with it bringing seasonal allergies galore. One place that you’ll likely see a lot of pollen buildup is on your car, especially if you park in an area where there are a lot of trees.

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And while it may just seem like a nuisance (turning your car a different color and making it look dirty and unkempt), pollen can actually damage the exterior of your vehicle. When you leave pollen on your Orlando Toyota it doesn’t just look bad. Left long enough, it can actually oxidize the paint and leave stains that are impossible to get rid of – you’d likely have to redo the paint to get your ride looking like new again. That’s why it’s critical to deal with it as soon as you can. Check out these tips from our Orlando Toyota service specialists on dealing with pollen season.

Four tips for handling pollen season

Tip #1: Prepare your car ahead of time for pollen season. It’s critical to prepare your car ahead of time for pollen season so it’s not as bad when the time finally arrives. You can do this by staying on a car detailing schedule; be sure to wash your car regularly AND apply a quality coat of wax on a routine basis. Wax will not only make it easier to

Tip #2: Remove pollen as often and as well as you can. When you’re in the height of pollen season, be sure to wash your car more than normal to remove it from the paint. This will help prevent damage to your vehicle’s exterior. And be sure to use the right products – you don’t want to use dish soap or any other product that will strip the wax off of your car and do further harm to the paint. You can shop for car detailing supplies at our Orlando auto parts store.

Tip #3: Park wisely. When pollen season is at its worst, consider where you’re parking your car. Parking away from trees is always a plus, and if you can park inside of a garage or at least under cover, you’ll be doing your car a favor.

Tip #4: Don’t forget about the interior and under the hood. Don’t forget about the interior of your Orlando Toyota. It’s not nearly as exposed as the exterior, but pollen can still find its way in. Make sure you dust, wipe, and vacuum out the cabin of your car regularly. As far as under the hood, make sure to check your engine air filter and cabin air filter routinely – they might be dirtier than usual.

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