How to maintain your car when you’re not driving it often

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In the wake of COVID-19, the entire state of Florida has been put under a stay-at-home order until the end of April. That means 4 weeks of staying home unless you’re an essential worker or on an essential errand. That also means 4 weeks of probably not driving your car much, which can be a big change if you regularly commute on a daily basis to school or work. But just because you’re not driving your car often doesn’t mean you can let maintenance slip – in fact, there are certain car care items you’ll want to check off the list while your car sits in the driveway. Here’s the info you need straight from our Orlando Toyota service techs.

Don’t skip this essential car care during quarantine

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Tip #1: Keep an eye on your tires. 

When your car sits in one spot for a long time, your tires can develop soft, flat spots. Obviously, when you’re back to hitting the road these flat spots make you incredibly prone to a blowout. To avoid this car care issue, you can move your car a few feet every few days so it’s not putting pressure on the same areas all the time, and check your tire pressure regularly to ensure they’re not losing air.

Tip #2: Go outside and start it every so often. 

You run the risk of your battery going bad if you let your car sit for 30 days, which means you’ll have a hard time getting back up and running when you’re free to do so. Go outside every few days and start your car to top off the battery, and consider taking your ride for a quick drive around the block. (It’ll be a nice break from whoever you’re quarantining with, anyway.)

Tip #3: Don’t skip oil changes. 

Just because you’re sitting at home doesn’t mean you don’t need essential car care like oil changes. Oil can deteriorate with temperature fluctuations, so it’s a good idea to get an oil change now and keep an eye on the condition of the oil by pulling the dipstick out of the engine every few weeks.

Tip #4: Fill up your gas tank now. 

You should fill your gas tank before you stay home if you’re not planning on going anywhere for the next 30 days. If the tank isn’t full, you run the risk of condensation developing inside of it, which can spell big problems. You can even look into fuel-additives that help maintain the integrity of the fuel – ask our Orlando Toyota service center which is best for your car.

Tip #5: Try to find covered parking. 

The sun is out in full force already in Florida, so try to find covered parking for your ride if possible to shield it from paint damage and fading. If nothing else, you may want to look for a car cover to keep it protected for the duration of your quarantine.

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A few other things to maintain when it comes to car care? Make sure you visually check your belts, hoses, transmission fluid, and coolant before you hit the road again to ensure all is in order.

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