Everything you need to know about blind spots

June 22nd, 2022 by

Every single time you get behind the wheel of a car, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you put your best safe driving habits to good use. One concept in safe driving that comes up a lot – and is actually responsible for quite a few car accidents – is that of blind spots. Our Orlando Toyota dealership is here to explain what they are and how to work around them to keep you safe when you’re out on the road.

what is a blind spot

What is a blind spot?

A blind spot is basically a spot or area around your vehicle that you cannot see when using your mirrors or cameras. To be able to see this area on the road, you have to physically turn your head and look to check that it’s clear. Almost all vehicles have a blind spot regardless of their design, usually because of the A-pillar on the windshield and other pillars throughout the car, headrests, cargo in the vehicle, and even your rearview mirror. This means every driver needs to know where their car’s blind spots are and how to check them.

Why? Because when it boils down to it, they’re dangerous. They obstruct your view of the road and could lead to you assuming that the path is clear, resulting in a car accident. A common blind spot accident that we see at our Toyota of Orlando body shop is when a driver assumes that the lane next to them is clear and changes lanes without checking, running into a car that was obscured by the blind spot.

How to check your blind spot

How do you check it? Basically, you just turn your head to look over your shoulder (or wherever the spot is). However, it’s important to do this quickly and seamlessly so you’re not taking your eyes off the road for too long. Plus, there are ways to minimize your blind spots and make the process of checking them easy. Here are a few Orlando Toyota tips:

  • Always pack your car carefully. Never stack your cargo to block your view out of the back or side windows; make sure you always have a clear field of vision.
  • Make sure your mirrors are adjusted properly.
    • For your rearview mirror, you want to ensure you can see clearly out of the back of your vehicle.
    • For your side mirrors, you want them aimed straight and tilted inward slightly so you can see just a little bit of the side of your vehicle.
    • Remember, if you adjust your seat, you’ll need to readjust your mirrors.
  • Use your blind spot monitor. Many of our new Orlando Toyotas have blind spot monitor technology built into them that will flash a light in your side mirror AND alert you with noise when there’s a car or other object in your blind spot, reminding you to turn and check before you make a move.
  • If you don’t have a blind spot monitor, look into add-ons like blind spot mirrors. These small, round mirrors stick onto your existing side mirrors to give you a wider field of vision and make it easy to check the spot.

Have questions or want to check out blind spot monitor tech in person? Or maybe you need a little help after a car accident. Let Toyota of Orlando help – we’re open seven days a week at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall. Call us now at (407) 298-4500!