8 tips for driving on the beach this summer

May 31st, 2019 by

Thinking of heading out to New Smyrna Beach this weekend and hitting the sand? Being able to drive on the beach makes things a lot easier – not only do you have a convenient spot to cool off if things really heat up, you also don’t have to hike down the beach with all of your gear in tow. However, driving on the beach isn’t quite as simple as it seems. For the best experience possible, use these Orlando Toyota tips for driving on the beach!

Toyota of Orlando Tips

Driving on the beach is simple with these tips

Tip #1: Know the rules. You can’t just drive on ANY beach – it has to be a designated beach, like New Smyrna, and you often have to pay for entry. Plus, there are rules (like at New Smyrna, you must have your headlights on at all times, drive 10 mph, and have your driver’s side window open).

Tip #2: Pack light. Now is not the time to load up your Orlando Toyota with every single beach toy, accessory, and tool you own, nor is it the time to load up a jetski in the back of your truck. You don’t want your car to weigh too much when you’re driving on the beach or else it’ll be hard to retain traction.

Tip #3: Four-wheel drive is best. You don’t NEED four-wheel drive for driving on the beach, but it does help, especially if you hit a patch of soft sand. It can get you out of a sticky spot without your vehicle having to be towed out.

Tip #4: Check the tides. Typically, beach ramps will close when it’s high tide so vehicles can’t access the sand. However, if you’re already on the beach, keep an eye on the tides and park your car carefully. The last thing you want to do is find yourself bogged down in a foot of water when the tide rises.

Tip #5: Let some air out of your tires. This flattens them a little which means they have more surface area and subsequently, more traction on sand. Just remember to restore them to the right PSI when you leave the sand – driving with underinflated tires on pavement can lead to reduced fuel efficiency and even a blowout.

Hit the sand in an Orlando Toyota this summer

Tip #6: Follow the speed limit and avoid hard braking and sudden turns. The speed limit is there for a reason, and you should avoid hard braking and sharp turns. These abrupt, sudden movements can cause you to dig into the sand and consequently, get stuck.

Tip #7: Drive near the water (but not in it). The sand close to the water is packed down and easier to drive on, but make sure you stay out of the water so you don’t get stuck or damage your car.

Tip #8: Wash your car when you leave! Salt from the wind and water is extremely damaging to your vehicle and you want to get it clean as quickly as possible when you head off the sand.

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