5 of the weirdest Toyotas ever dreamed up

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Here at Toyota of Orlando, we’re all about innovation. We love it when Toyota announces a new model or even a new concept because we know even if it doesn’t necessarily make it to our dealership, it’ll influence the vehicles in upcoming generations in a big way. However, sometimes the models and concepts released by Toyota can be a little… weird, to put it bluntly. Today we’re talking five of the weirdest models and concepts we’ve seen in the past few decades – check it out.

5 of the weirdest Toyota models ever debuted

Toyota Mega Cruiser: The Toyota Mega Cruiser – believe it or not – actually made it into production and was on the market from 1996 to 2002 in Japan only. It was designed to mirror the (once) popular Hummer vehicles and ended up being used primarily by the military in Japan as a transport vehicle, as well as by police, firefighters, and other first responders. This Toyota model was a 4-door SUV with a 4.1L turbo diesel inline-4 engine and an automatic transmission with a two-speed transfer case that sent power to all four wheels. It was also huge and weird and while well-suited for military purposes, looked seriously off on suburban streets.


Toyota Tundrasine: This one is as weird as it gets. Back in 2015, Toyota thought – for whatever reason – that it would be a cool idea to introduce a new Toyota Tundra concept model at SEMA known as the Tundrasine. (We’re cringing.) It’s a mix of a 1794 Edition Toyota Tundra truck and a limousine (cringing even harder), was 26 feet long, and offered eight doors that led to an interior inspired by Lear jets – it was bedecked in brown leather and luxury features. And it still had a bed for cargo. Weird.


Toyota Previa: The Toyota Previa was another Toyota model that made it to production; this minivan was actually a popular option back in the 1990’s. It was produced in America from 1990-1997 and was then discontinued, but continued to be produced on a worldwide basis until 2019 (why? We don’t know.). This minivan was actually a mid-engine model and important components could only be accessed by basically disassembling the interior. The first gen was also available in manual transmission, which is pretty odd for a minivan.


Toyota Sera: When we think of this three-door hatchback coupe, we think of Back to the Future. Why? The doors say it all – instead of opening out like a normal Toyota model, they actually open up a la Delorian. It was manufactured from 1990-1995 and sold exclusively in Japan, and offered features like three models, a 1.5L inline-4 engine, automatic and manual transmissions, and oddly enough, a pretty spacious trunk area under the hatchback door.

Toyota FC-V: The Toyota FC-V Plus was a concept car developed and debuted in 2015 and its vibe is extremely futuristic. It’s a fuel cell vehicle that also produced its own electricity that you could tap into. Other than that… well, just look at it.


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