Wheel balancing vs. wheel alignments: A quick guide

January 8th, 2020 by

When it comes to car tire care, you have to get routine maintenance taken care of or else you’re going to run through tires quickly, have to pay to replace them more often, and probably deal with blowouts and flats during your drive time. There are three main services you should be scheduling for your car tires at our Orlando Toyota service center: tire rotations, wheel balancing, and wheel alignments. We know pretty much everyone knows what tire rotations are, but are you familiar with the differences between wheel balancing and wheel alignments?

What’s the main difference between wheel alignments and wheel balancing?

While alignments and balancing are both essential to keeping your tires in good condition and your car performing well, they’re two very different processes. Check out this quick guide on both of them from our Toyota of Orlando service experts.

Wheel alignments 

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The wheels on your car are aligned at certain angles by the factory to ensure that all four are parallel to each other, as well as to ensure that all four stand perfectly perpendicular to the ground. This ensures even wear and top-notch performance. However, over time your wheels can become misaligned due to wear and tear, hitting curbs, and car accidents. If you don’t schedule a wheel alignment to correct the angles again, you’ll face drive time problems including:

  • Your car drifting to one side of the road
  • Uneven wear on your tires, which means you’ll have to replace them more frequently
  • Your car pulling to one side even when the steering wheel is straightened out

Obviously, this car tire care is an essential item to add to your checklist. You should schedule wheel alignments every two years or so unless you get into an accident or get new tires.

Wheel balancing 

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Wheel balancing is different than wheel alignments – instead of dealing with angles, this car tire care deals with weight. As you drive, your car tires are likely to face wear and tear that can cause imperfections or blemishes, as well as damage to the rim if you get into an accident or collision. This makes one section of the tire heavier than others, which in turn leads to wobbling and bouncing. You’ll be able to feel it inside the car’s cabin as vibration, as well as notice signs like:

  • Vibration in the steering wheel
  • Cupped or scalloped patterns on the wheel

When you schedule wheel balancing at Toyota of Orlando’s service center, our techs will apply weights to counterbalance the “heavy spots” in your car tires to ensure even wear and smooth performance. Your wheels should be balanced every time you get your tires repaired or rotated for maximum benefits.

Schedule your car tire care at Toyota of Orlando

Whether you need balancing, an alignment, or both, we’ve got you covered! Schedule an appointment at our Orlando Toyota service center today to get your car’s performance up to par. We’re open seven days a week at (407) 298-0001, and you can swing by to talk to one of our techs at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 across from Millenia Mall.


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