What to bring with you when you buy a car

January 13th, 2020 by

It can feel stressful when you buy a car, especially if it’s your first time making such a large purchase. However, an easy way to remove some of the stress from the occasion is to do away with uncertainties – i.e., preparing yourself ahead of time. Making a list of your drive time needs and picking a make and model is a good start, but it also helps to know what you should bring with you when you actually head to the dealership. Check out these tips from our Orlando Toyota dealership!

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6 things to bring when you buy a car

Your driver’s license. You’ll need your driver’s license to test drive a car, first of all. But you’ll also need it to verify identity so we can do all of the necessary paperwork when you buy a car. Make sure you have your license on hand the minute you walk in the door and make sure that it’s not expired.

A way to make payment. You’ll be making a payment when you buy a car before you even leave the dealership as you typically will make a down payment before you can call it yours. Make sure you check with whoever you’re buying from to see if they accept all forms of payment (credit cards, debit cars, personal checks, cashier’s checks, etc.).

The title to your vehicle. Are you trading in your current car? You’ll need proof that you own it, so be sure to bring the title with you when you buy a car. If you have a co-owner on the vehicle, make sure you get their signature on the title before you try to trade it in! If you’re confused, our Orlando Toyota sales specialists can help you get it sorted out.

Your current registration. You’ll need to bring the registration for your current car in order to trade it in. Make sure that the registration is current (not expired) and that you also have the sticker on your current ride’s license plate.

Insurance information. You’ll need proof of insurance to take your new car home since it’s illegal to drive without it. Bring your insurance card to show proof of insurance as well as contact information (if it’s not on the card) for the insurance company so you can call and add your new ride to your policy before you hit the road.

Verification for rebates. Are you going to be taking advantage of any rebates? If you’re planning on cashing in on military, student, or other rebates then make sure you have the proper documentation to do so. You can call Toyota of Orlando to find out what you need for the Toyota Military Rebate or College Grad Rebate.

A few other things we recommend bringing when you buy a car? Empty bags to clean out your current car (if you haven’t already), a drink and a snack, and a phone charger. Purchasing a car can take a few hours from start to finish and you don’t want to be hangry or stuck with a dead phone.

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