Toyota to build autonomous vehicle testing facility

May 23rd, 2018 by

The race is on when it comes to autonomous vehicles – it seems that every car maker is working on some sort of technology to get their driverless cars out on the road. However, as seen in recent news, it’s not always safe to test this technology out on the road. That’s why Toyota has announced that it’s going to be building a new testing facility for this very purpose. Toyota of Orlando has the details about this up-and-coming project and the technology that will be tested there.


New autonomous vehicle testing facility coming to Michigan

First, let’s talk about this incredible new facility.

  • Toyota was doing autonomous testing on public roads, but recently halted the program due to safety concerns about testing in real-time scenarios.
  • The facility is going to be located in Michigan (where a lot of the research and safety facilities are already located) and will span 60 acres, giving Toyota plenty of space to test out new technology in their autonomous vehicles.
  • Specifically, it’ll be built in the Michigan Technical Resource Park in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. This facility has an existing 1.75 mile loop in it, but Toyota is taking things to the next level when it comes to testing and needs more space. They’ll be able to test a lot of different scenarios multiple times to see how they need to hone their technology to respond.
  • 60 acres may sound like a lot, but it’ll ensure that Toyota has the space they need to replicate real-life scenarios with cars and pedestrians to ensure their autonomous vehicles react as needed.
  • The facility will include scenarios like crowded city streets, divided highways, slippery roads, snow, fog, tight corners, and more to give the vehicles plenty of different drive time situations to contend with.
  • The site will officially open in October and we predict that a lot of automakers will be following in Toyota’s footsteps – there’s been a lot of discussion about whether it’s safe to test on public roads in real-time situations.

Toyota has been working on autonomous vehicles for years; in fact, they just partnered with Denso and Aisin (heavy hitters in the world of technology and automotive research) to fine-tune this technology and get it ready for consumers. They invested $2.8 billion into their research, and our Orlando Toyota dealership is excited about the results we’ll undoubtedly see over the next few years.


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