Toyota of Orlando busts driving myths

September 13th, 2021 by

Do you ever feel like you sometimes don’t have any idea what you’re doing when you’re behind the wheel of your car? We get it. Owning, maintaining, and operating your Orlando Toyota is a lot, and it requires a lot of responsibility but also a lot of know-how. You don’t have to be an expert mechanic or a professional driver to get around town, but it does help to keep yourself well-versed in all things automotive for a smoother car ownership experience.

That’s where we come in! We’re always here to give you tips, tricks, and the info you need to stay on top of owning a car and keep things stress-free. Today, we’re talking about driving myths. There’s a lot of information (and misinformation) out there about hitting the road, and we’re here to bust four common driving myths so you know better next time you get behind the wheel.

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Four driving myths, busted

Myth #1: Premium gas is better than regular. 

Big false on this one. While some vehicles DO require premium gas (you should be able to figure out if your car does by checking your owner’s manual), putting premium fuel in a car that doesn’t require make absolutely no difference. It won’t improve performance, nor will it get you better fuel efficiency. All it’s really going to do is drive up your fuel costs without any payoff. So if your car doesn’t require it, stick with regular gasoline and save yourself a few bucks.

Myth #2: Driving with your tailgate down will get you better fuel efficiency. 

Seems like it would make sense, right? Driving with your tailgate down would make your truck (supposedly) more aerodynamic. Well, unfortunately, it’s not happening. Some drivers believe this myth but unfortunately, the problem lies with the bed itself, not the tailgate that closes it off. Truck beds create a pocket of drag behind your Orlando Toyota that slows you down slightly and pushes your MPGs lower. Putting the tailgate down doesn’t allow the drag to escape in a stream like you’d think it would. It doesn’t do anything, actually. If you want better MPGs consider putting a cover on the back of your truck, or investing in a car that’s more fuel-efficient.

Myth #3: If there’s traffic, there must be an accident. 

Not always the case. People usually assume that if there’s a bad traffic jam, it must be a car accident that caused it. This driving myth is untrue, though. Traffic jams can happen for all sorts of reasons. Bad weather, a slow driver, debris in the road, something cool to look at… all it takes is a handful of drivers slowing down for whatever reason, and a ripple effect occurs, slowing EVERYONE down.

Myth #4: If you go the speed limit, you’ll hit all green lights. 

If only, right? A lot of drivers believe that traffic lights are timed perfectly so if you go the speed limit, you’ll never hit a red one. Not true. If it does happen to you, it’s likely just a coincidence. Almost all traffic lights are sensor-based and respond to the flow of traffic rather than being impeccably timed. Not to mention, traffic jams, slow drivers, accidents, and different speed limits are all part of your drive time, which make this myth easily bustable.

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