Orlando Toyota Tips: How to save money on car expenses

December 27th, 2019 by

Owning a car isn’t cheap. It’s a complex piece of machinery and an investment; it costs money both to maintain and operate it. However, owning a car doesn’t have to break the bank every month (especially if you shop one of our affordable Orlando Toyotas, just saying). We’re here with helpful tips on everything from maintenance to insurance to help you save a few bucks when it comes to owning a car. Keep that New Year’s resolution of tightening your budget – read on!

Cut the costs of owning a car with these tips from our experts

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If you want to keep car ownership costs low, our Orlando Toyota service department recommends getting on a routine schedule for essential car care. If you’re not sure what you need, talk to one of our techs. They’ll get you set up on a schedule and send you helpful reminders when you’re due for your next appointment. Here are some routine auto services you’ll want to follow through on to save money:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations and balances
  • Battery checks
  • Brake service
  • Wheel alignments
  • Tuneups
  • Air and oil filter changes
  • Coolant checks and flushes

Drive time habits 

Another way to cut costs when it comes to owning a car is to adjust your driving habits. Here are some helpful suggestions from our dealership:

  • Carpool. Join a carpool and give your car a break a few times a week. Not only will it cut fuel costs, but you’ll also find that it puts fewer miles on your ride so you don’t have to service it as frequently.
  • Empty out your car. Carrying around extra weight reduces your ride’s fuel efficiency, so take this opportunity to clean out the trunk and backseat of anything you don’t need.
  • Accelerate gently (slamming on the gas pedal wastes fuel).
  • Use cruise control in the appropriate situation to avoid speeding up and slowing down, which wastes fuel. (You should only use cruise control on the highway when it’s good weather outside and you’re not in heavy traffic.)
  • Don’t let your car idle to warm it up. This wastes fuel over time.
  • Plan your drive times before you leave the house to make them as efficient as possible. Take the route with the least traffic but also factor in mileage, and try to consolidate trips so you’re not constantly going out and coming back home.


You have to have car insurance to drive legally – period. There’s no getting around it, but there are ways to save a bit of money on car insurance. Check out these quick tips:

  • Shop around. Look at different providers to see which offers the best coverage for the best price and take your time to find the right one.
  • Consider bundling. If you have renter’s insurance, homeowner’s insurance, etc. some insurance companies will give you a discount if you bundle it with your car insurance.
  • Ask about student discounts if you’re in high school or college.
  • Follow road rules – getting tickets and fines can raise insurance costs.
  • Make sure you tell your insurance company about all the safety features in your car; safer cars are generally less to insure.

Let our Orlando Toyota dealership get your car on a maintenance schedule

Have questions about owning a car or feel like it’s time to get your ride on a service schedule and start saving big bucks in the new year? Call our Orlando Toyota dealership today at (407) 298-4500!