The Toyota RAV4 5D Adventure Mountain Rescue is ready for anything (and we mean anything)

March 15th, 2021 by

Here at Toyota of Orlando, we love concept cars. Like, LOVE them. They’re a great way for automakers to take design and innovation to new levels, no holds barred, and bring something truly unique to drivers (even if there’s a slim-to-none chance that the vehicle will ever actually be put into production). The new Toyota RAV4 5D Adventure Mountain Rescue is no exception. This incredible SUV has been decked out with features to ensure that it’s ready for any terrain, any weather – basically, anything and everything you could imagine. Toyota of Orlando has the details!


Meet the Toyota RAv4 5D Adventure Mountain Rescue

The Toyota RAV4 5D Adventure Mountain Rescue was recently unveiled online by Toyota. It was supposed to have its big debut at the Tokyo Auto Show but since that event was canceled, we’ll have to get more up close and personal with this innovative SUV at an upcoming dealer-sponsored Toyama Prefecture in Japan. This is actually perfect because this particular region of Japan is one that faces intense winter weather than can often leave drivers stranded (i.e., they’ll love this thing).

The concept crossover was built off of the Orlando Toyota RAV4 Adventure model gear. This means it has dynamic torque vectoring all-wheel drive with rear driveline disconnect, as well as multi-terrain select and a tow hitch. Toyota designed this concept with weather and terrain in mind, and here are some of the features you can expect when you get behind the wheel.

  • New large-diameter wheels with knobby tires for extra grip on tricky terrain
  • Damage-resistant bumpers in the front and rear, as well as steps on the corners fitted with material to add grip for when conditions are slippery
  • Step rails to improve ingress and egress
  • A ladder on the back to give the driver easy access to the roof racks
  • Modular cube LED light units that can be fitted into docks on the outside of the crossover – eight on the roof rack and four below the headlights. However, LED lights aren’t the only things that can be plugged in there. These outlets can also house cameras, wi-fi signal boosters, speakers, lidar for measuring distance, or USB charging ports.
  • An emergency beacon bar and red lights embedded in the grille for major visibility in the worst of weather

And that’s just the exterior. The interior of this new Toyota RAV4 concept showcases an augmented reality projection on the windshield to ensure that the driver can navigate tricky, uneven terrain even in terrible weather conditions where visibility is limited (like snow). It also has a smartphone-controlled rooftop drone that reads the movements of people and other vehicles.


Get offroad in a new Orlando Toyota today

While it’s not likely that we’ll see this incredible concept at Toyota of Orlando anytime soon, we DO have plenty of off-road options waiting for you. Shop all of them today at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 across from the Millenia Mall!