How to Troubleshoot Your Car Tires

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Your car tires are essential to your daily commute. Making sure that you have a good set of tires should be one of your top priorities when maintaining your vehicle! Without functional tires, you’ll find it hard to get to and from your destination without a bit of a struggle. Not only is not keeping up to date on your tires dangerous, it could be more expensive in the long run as well!

Toyota of Orlando wants to make sure that you have a safe time on the road. That’s why our experts have put together a list of what you should look for when checking your tires, and what to do if they need to be replaced.

Car Tire Safety

Watch out for these warning signs on your car tires

Warning Sign #1: Tread wear and tear – The most common wear and tear patterns on your car tires tend to be center wear (caused by overinflation) and shoulder wear (caused by underinflation.) Make sure you keep your tires at a proper inflation so you can avoid this wear and tear from occurring.

Warning Sign #2: Bulges and blisters – When the outer surface of your tires begin to weaken, bulges and blisters can appear. These could signify that your tire might be at risk for a blow out! If you see a bulge or blister on one of your car tires, be sure to get it checked out at our Orlando service center!

Warning Sign #3: Irregular loss of tire pressure – Tires deflating at a rate of one pound per square inch every month can be normal. But if you experience more PSI loss than that, you’ll need to get your tires checked for a leak. You wouldn’t want to get a flat on the highway!

These, along with other warning signs could mean that your car tires are at their breaking point and need to be replaced soon.

New Cars

Information on how to replace your car tires in Orlando

If it’s time to replace your tires, there are a few things that Toyota of Orlando recommends. It might seem more expensive at first, but buying a set of four tires as opposed to just replacing one makes it easier to keep track of the overall wear and tear on all of them. And the good news is there are usually more Orlando auto service specials when you buy a set of four tires!

As you make your selection, you want to make sure you know exactly what you’ll need. There are tons of car tires out there, and the best choice can depend on a variety of factors. These include the terrain you’ll be driving on, how much you’ll be driving and the average temperature of your location. Be sure to ask one of our Orlando tire experts if you need any help!

If you feel like it’s time for some car tire maintenance, visit Toyota of Orlando! Our service techs are experts in keeping your tires in great shape or recommending a new set to hit the road with in Orlando. You can schedule an appointment with us for auto service by calling (40) 298-4500.

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