Toyota of Orlando car care tips: How to deodorize your car

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You unlock the door, slide into the driver’s seat, and there it is – an unmistakable odor in your vehicle before you even turn the key. Whether the smell is from having animals in the car, cigarette smoke, or mildew, it can make your drive time extremely unpleasant. Toyota of Orlando is here to help – our car care techs have tips on how to deodorize your ride without breaking the bank and get things smelling fresh and clean again.

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How can you get your car smelling fresh and clean again?

#1: Clean out your car – everywhere. There’s a chance that the smell is coming from trash in the backseat, something unpleasant in the trunk, or a surprise that slid under one of your car’s seats. Remove everything from your vehicle to try and locate the source of the smell, including seat covers and floor mats. Vacuum the car out and wipe down all surfaces and then check to see if the smell remains.

#2: Clean any stains in the carpet or upholstery. Are their obvious stains in the carpet or upholstery that could be causing the smell? Our Orlando car care experts recommend scrubbing them ASAP to see if that improves the situation. Using a pet deodorizing cleaner can work wonders on tough stains and smells.

#3: Check the cabin air filter. When was the last time you changed your cabin air filter? The smell could be coming from dirt and debris trapped in it, so swap it out (or come to Toyota of Orlando to have our car care techs swap it out for you).

#4: Spray A/C cleaner into the A/C vents. Your air conditioning system can collect dirt, debris, or even mildew that can cause a nasty smell inside the cabin of your car. Try spraying the vents with the appropriate A/C cleaner (our Toyota parts store can help you find and purchase the right one for your ride).

#5: Try treating your car with white vinegar. If you still smell an odor when you climb into the driver’s seat, it’s time to try vinegar. Use equal parts white vinegar and water and spritz the interior of your car. Let the solution sit for a while and then scrub the seats and carper – it should help improve the smell.

#6: Put dryer sheets or coffee beans under the seat. It may also help to use odor-absorbing measures in your car. Try putting a stack of dryer sheets or an open (but secured) can of coffee beans under the seats. This can help absorb some of the odor in the car.

#7: Schedule professional car detailing. If you’ve tried what feels like everything but the odor persists, then it’s time to consider professional detailing to get rid of the smell. Toyota of Orlando can help – just set an appointment with our car care experts and let us get your car smelling like-new again.

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