5 common car maintenance mistakes you might be making

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Do you consider yourself to be pretty well-versed when it comes to car care? To be a responsible car owner and keep your ride in good shape, you should have a basic knowledge. Our Orlando auto service experts can take care of the complex or tricky issues, but when it comes to day-to-day auto care, can you handle it? We’re here to tell you about five common car maintenance mistakes you may not even know you’re making.

Don’t make these car maintenance mistakes

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Mistake #1: Not checking tire pressure. When was the last time you checked your tire pressure? Our auto care techs can definitely check it for you when they rotate and balance them or give you a wheel alignment, but you should check tire pressure on a routine basis in between service appointments. Weather changes or damage to the tire can cause pressure to drop and the last thing you want is to end up with a blowout.

Mistake #2: Using the wrong cleaning products. What are you using to clean your car when it’s time to detail it? Did you know that dish soap (which a lot of people use for washing the exterior) can actually strip protective elements off of your paint and make you more susceptible to paint damage and rust? And ammonia-based glass cleaners (like Windex) can prevent your windows from defrosting properly. Make sure you’re using the right products for your car maintenance – our Orlando Toyota parts store is well-stocked and ready to help you find them.

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Mistake #3: Not changing your wiper blades. You have to change your wiper blades on a routine basis – usually every 6-12 months depending on wear and tear. They wear out like any other part and when they do, they won’t properly clear your windshield. This can make your drive time dangerous for you and everyone else out on the road, so be sure to replace the blades when you notice rubber breakdown, smearing, streaks, or hear squealing noises when you use them.

Mistake #4: Ignoring brake noises. Do you hear squealing noises when you use your brakes? This is a surefire sign you need new brake pads. Your brakes have built-in indicators that will make this annoying noise when the brake pads are too thin. If you ignore the noise and don’t replace the brake pads, you can damage your brake rotors, which is a costly car maintenance endeavor.

Mistake #5: Not changing your cabin air filter. It may not seem like a big deal to skip changing your cabin air filter here and there. However, it can make a big difference. This filter prevents toxins, debris, dust, and other contaminants from getting into the cabin if your car. When it becomes clogged, it can no longer perform this task and it can also negatively impact your vehicle’s air-conditioner and heater.

Have questions about car maintenance? Not sure you’re doing it right? Call us today – Toyota of Orlando’s techs are ready and waiting to help at (407) 298-0001.

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