How much does an oil change cost?

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Car care – believe it or not – doesn’t have to be a budget-buster. If you keep up with a routine car maintenance schedule, pay attention to how your car looks and sounds and smells, and avoid aggressive driving, then caring for your car shouldn’t cost excessive amounts of money. One piece of car care that you NEVER want to skip is an oil change – but how much does an oil change cost, really?

how much does an oil change cost

How much does an oil change cost at Toyota of Orlando?

How much does an oil change cost when you schedule it at our Orlando Toyota Service Center (or anywhere else)? The answer varies. Here are some points to consider:

  • If you’re getting a conventional oil change, the cost should be anywhere between $35-75.
  • If you’re getting a synthetic oil change, the cost should be anywhere between $65-125.

However, the size of your vehicle can also affect the cost of an oil change. A typical passenger car will need around 5 quarts of oil to get the job done, but larger trucks and SUVs may require additional oil, which can boost the price up.

During your Orlando oil change, our Toyota service techs will drain out all of the oil oil to ensure you’re working on a clean slate (and they’ll discard the old oil appropriately – you can’t just dump it in the trash or down the drain). They’ll also replace the dirty oil filter with a clean one and add the recommended amount of fresh oil back into your engine. It’s a simple process and shouldn’t take a long amount of time, barring any complications.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind besides the question of “how much does an oil change cost”:

  • The intervals at which you’ll need an oil change depend on your driving habits as well as the type of oil you use. Orlando Toyotas that use conventional oil typically need an oil change every 3,000 – 5,000 miles. Cars that use synthetic oil can go longer, usually needing an oil change every 7,500 – 15,000 miles. Check with our auto service techs to see which schedule YOUR car should be on. And remember, the more you drive, the sooner you’ll need an oil change.
  • Conventional and synthetic oil changes both have their perks and drawbacks, so it’s a personal choice for you (or your car might require a certain type of oil – ask out techs to check it out).
    • Conventional oil is cheaper than synthetic; it’s made from refined crude oil. However, it doesn’t last as long and some drivers say it doesn’t offer the same performance benefits as synthetic.
    • Synthetic oil is much more refined and processed. It costs more than conventional oil, but lasts a long longer (so you can go longer in between oil changes) and helps to enhance vehicle performance.
    • You might also be able to use a synthetic blend, which is a mix of conventional and synthetic oils.
    • If your car is getting up there in years, our Orlando auto service techs may recommend high mileage oil. This special motor oil is designed to keep older cars up and running and help prevent leaks.

Bottom line, you should ask our techs at Toyota of Orlando not only how much does an oil change cost, but also which motor oil you should be using for your car and how often you should be scheduling this service. They can get you on a routine and also send you helpful reminders when you’re due to come in.

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