How does cold weather affect your car? Tips from our auto service techs.

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Are you headed into the great white north for the holidays? Many people hit the road to reach their holiday destination and if you’re driving out of Florida, you could hit some serious winter weather on your journey. It’s important to know how cold weather can affect your car so you’re prepared when you actually reach it, and our Orlando auto service experts are here with the knowledge you should have before you hit the road.

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Cold weather can make your tire pressure drop – when air gets colder, it gets denser. Low tire pressure may not seem like such a big deal but over time, the effects can add up. It can decrease your fuel efficiency and increase the wear and tear on your tires, as more of the tires’ surface is touching the road. It also increases your chances of a tire blow out. When the temps drop, check your tire pressure and reinflate to the right PSI level (you can find it in your owner’s manual).


Cold weather can take a toll on your car’s battery and reduce its starting capability if the battery is already not in the greatest shape. Being stuck with a dead car in winter weather can be a big problem, so have your battery inspected by one of our Orlando auto service techs before you leave for your road trip.


Snowy and icy roads get treated with salt, which means that salt can get flung up onto your car as you drive. If left there, the salt can actually corrode the underside of your vehicle and your brakes as well as damage the paint. Make sure you hose your car down as often as you can to rinse away the salt and avoid costly corrosion damage.


Cold weather can cause fluids to thicken, which is why it’s important to check with one of our Toyota of Orlando auto service techs regarding your car’s fluids before you hit the road. These fluids are pumped throughout the engine to keep things running and if they’re too thick to function, you’re in for a big issue when you hit the highway. Our auto service techs can check and refill your fluids, as well as ensure you have the right ones for cold weather travels.


If you’re traveling to an area where the temperature fluctuates a lot with severe cold bouts, then you may run into leaks. Have our techs give your engine a once over to ensure all of the seals are in top condition before you take on traveling.

Feel like your car needs a little TLC before heading into the cold? Schedule winter auto service at Toyota of Orlando today – we’re open seven days a week at 3575 Vineland Road. Call to schedule at (407) 298-4500!

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