Get better at parking with these Orlando Toyota tips

May 15th, 2020 by

We’ve all seen it – the inconsiderate person who parks across two spots, the person who dings your car and leaves without giving you their contact information, the person who holds up traffic in the parking lot because they have to back into their spot no matter how many people are behind them. Some drivers just aren’t good at parking, but you don’t have to be one of them. Check out our Orlando Toyota tips for becoming a better parker!

Toyota of Orlando tips

5 tips to help you park your car more efficiently

Tip #1: Park in one spot. 

There’s nothing worse than trying to pull into a parking spot only to realize someone has parked over the lines of their spot and effectively taken up TWO parking spots. When you pull into your parking spot, be sure that you’re centered evenly between the lines on the left and right. You want enough space on both sides of the vehicle to enter and exit the car. Not only is this being considerate of other drivers, but it can also prevent damage to your car from people opening their car doors and dinging your vehicle.

Tip #2: If the parking lot is busy, avoid fancy maneuvers. 

If there are a ton of cars in the parking lot and a line of drivers behind you, pull forward into your spot of choice. Sure, it can be fun to back into your spot but if you’re not practiced at it,  it requires extra maneuvers that take time to execute. This makes traffic worse and is inconsiderate of the other drivers in the parking lot.

Tip #3: Use your turn signal. 

You should always use your turn signal in parking lots, especially to indicate that you’re about to turn into a spot. This can prevent the driver behind you from rear-ending your car, and it also lets other drivers know of your intentions (and if they’re good drivers like you, they won’t try to sneak in and take the spot you want).

get better at parking

Tip #4: Park near the back of the lot. 

OK, hear us out. We know it’s farther to walk (you’re welcome for the extra cardio, though), but parking at the back of the lot has its benefits. In addition to logging extra steps, fewer drivers choose to park in the back. Most people are fighting for the closest spot they can get, so the spots in the back are relatively empty and you’re less likely to have someone ding or damage your car.

Tip #5: Be considerate of other people’s property. 

Accidents happen, we get it. The wind catches your door and before you know it, it’s dinged the car next to you. It’s tempting to just drive off, but be a good human and leave a note on their windshield with your contact information so you can fix the damage.

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