Driving in the fog: Toyota of Orlando’s 6 tips

June 6th, 2018 by

Driving in different weather conditions than the ones we’re used to (a.k.a, hot and sunny) can be challenging. Unfamiliar weather throws drivers off their game, resulting in collisions, traffic, and other snags that can slow you down big-time. One of the biggest troublemakers when it comes to weather is fog. We don’t see it TOO often here in Central Florida but it does make an appearance from time to time. Toyota of Orlando is here with tips for driving in fog to help you hit the road safely and confidently.

driving in fog

Toyota of Orlando tips for driving in bad weather

Tip #1: Slow down. 

Slow your speed in foggy conditions so you can have more reaction time should you need to come to a sudden stop or make a sudden maneuver. Also, be sure not to tailgate or ride too closely to the vehicle in front of you just in case they come to a sudden stop.

Tip #2: Turn on your headlights (but not your brights). 

Turn on your headlights to help you cut through the mist when driving in fog; this will also help other drivers see you better on the road. However, avoid using the brights in your Orlando Toyota because the light will reflect off of the fog, making it difficult for you AND other drivers to see around it. It can be very disorienting. And never drive with your hazard lights on; it’s actually against the law.

Tip #3: Use markers and technology to guide you.

Having a hard time seeing where you’re going? Use the right side of the road (and the painted lines there) to keep you where you need to be when driving in fog. You can also set your navigation to inform you ahead of time when you need to make a turn or take an on/off ramp to a highway.

Driving in fog is simple with these 6 tips

Toyota of Orlando tips

Tip #4: Don’t pull over. 

Try to avoid pulling over when you’re driving in fog. Other drivers won’t be able to see you and you run the risk of being struck by another car. If you HAVE to pull over because of car trouble, be sure to pull well off the shoulder and turn on your hazards once your car is in park so it’s more visible.

Tip #5: Watch out for wildlife. 

Animals tend to be a bit braver in the fog, but they’re also harder to see in this type of weather. Be on the lookout for animals crossing the road so you can maneuver around them.

Tip #6: Use your wipers and defroster. 

Using your wipers and defroster will help to keep your car’s windshield clear when you’re driving in fog. Be sure to implement both!

And don’t forget to keep your car up on routine Orlando auto service that helps it take on foggy weather like a pro. Schedule service for your brakes, have your headlights checked, make sure your defroster works, and don’t forget to change out your wiper blades.

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