The Rainy Season Is Here – Drive Safely With Toyota of Orlando

June 1st, 2017 by

When you’re behind the wheel, it should be your top priority to drive safely. However, that’s sometimes easier said than done. With the rainy season kicking off here in Central Florida, we’re set to find wet roads clogged with traffic and fender benders. Those little afternoon thunderstorms can make a big impact on your drive time, so Toyota of Orlando is here to share tips on how to drive safely and make it to your destination as quickly and easily as possible.

Driving in the Rain

Learn how to drive safely when the weather is wet

Tip #1: Prep your car. We know the rainy season is here, so make sure your car is ready for it. Toyota of Orlando’s auto service center can check your brakes, tires, headlights, and wipers for you before hit the road. We also conduct a free multi-point inspection whenever you bring your car in for service, so we can pinpoint anything else that might cause an issue when you’re driving in the rain. Schedule an appointment today!

Tip #2: Defensive driving is your friend. If you’re going to drive safely in the rain, you’re going to need to use defensive driving. This is basically just being super-aware of what’s going on so you can avoid accidents altogether instead of just reacting to them when they’re happening. To employ this technique, you’re going to need to do away with distractions, follow the rules of the road, leave plenty of distance between your car and other vehicles, and be sure take things slowly when the roads are wet.

Tip #3: Check the forecast AND traffic. A lot of our Orlando Toyota cars come decked out with technology that can help you find alternate routes if wet weather is impeding yours. We recommend checking the weather forecast AND traffic before you start out for your destination. It can save you a lot of time and frustration if you know off the bat that you need to find an alternate route, or you know that you’re going to have to travel a bit more slowly due to heavy rain.

Prepare for driving in the rain with Toyota of Orlando

Toyota Safety Tips

Tip #4: Use your headlights. Lots of people forget to use their headlights when it’s raining during the day, but it should be a habit of yours. Using your headlights allows other drivers to see you more clearly, especially when the rain is heavy and impedes vision. Put yours to use to drive safely! Side note: You should never drive with your caution lights on, even in heavy rain. They’re only for use if you’re parked on the side of the road.

Tip #5: Avoid puddles. You never know how deep water is just by glancing at it, so our Orlando Toyota dealership recommends avoiding puddles if you can. Driving through suddenly deep water can damage your engine bay and the electrical components of your car. It’s better to be safe than sorry – drive around the puddle if possible and if need be, drive through it but stick to the sides.

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