Don’t make these 5 mistakes when buying an electric car

October 5th, 2020 by


Are you considering putting an electric car in the driveway? These eco-friendly, tech-driven rides are a great way to get around town. However, they may not be a perfect fit for everyone, and that’s why we encourage you to do your research BEFORE you sign the dotted line. Check out these 5 mistakes our Orlando Toyota sales specialists urge you not to make when shopping for one of these alternative fuel vehicles.

alternative fuel vehicles

1. Not plotting out your budget 

First things first – let’s talk money. Electric cars tend to be more expensive than hybrids and traditional gasoline cars because of all the technology they’ve got going on under the hood and inside the cabin. That being said, make sure you can afford it before you sign the dotted line. You don’t want to get stuck in a car payment that you can’t swing on a monthly basis. And don’t forget to factor in both maintenance and car insurance when considering your budgetary situation.

2. Not looking into federal incentives 

Did you know that there are often federal tax credits available for EV cars bought here in the United States? You should do your research (or inform your accountant) when tax time rolls around – driving one of these Orlando Toyotas can get you a pretty nice refund, so factor that into your decision.

3. Not considering your commute 

What’s your day-to-day commute like? Just like traditional gasoline cars can only get you so far on a tank of gas, electric cars can only get you so far on one charge. Make sure you do research on the “range” (how far you can get on one charge) that the model you’re interested in has to offer. And don’t forget, if your work or school doesn’t have a charging station, you still have to make it back home, too. Factor your daily mileage before you settle on a particular make and model. If you live in a rural or even suburban area, a short range might not cut it.

4. Not taking into account your local climate 

Did you know that the local climate can actually have an effect on electric cars? Believe it or not, extremely cold weather can have a negative effect on your EV’s performance. The batteries don’t charge as well in super-cold conditions, nor do they hold the charge as well. This can have a big impact on your range and overall performance, so take your local climate into account before you sign the dotted line. (If you live here in Orlando, you’re good to go.)

5. Not evaluating all of your drive time needs 

Make sure you take ALL of your drive time needs into account before you decide to buy an electric car. Do you need something that can tow or haul? Do you need a ton of interior space for passengers? What about off-roading – do you tend to take things off the pavement? Compile a list of ALL of your drive time needs and make sure an electric vehicle can meet them before you buy.

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