Car leaks 101: What’s leaking from YOUR car?

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Have you ever seen a puddle under your car and wondered where it’s coming from? It can cause a brief moment of panic as you begin to imagine all the costs associated with the auto repairs that are sure to come out of it. However, there is a quick and easy way to put your mind at ease and identify where the leaks are coming from – and you can actually do it without training to be a mechanic. Toyota of Orlando is here to help! Check out our tips for deciphering car leaks and what they mean.

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What kind of car leak are you experiencing?

Gas leak

Everyone knows what color gasoline is – a yellowish-brown hue. However, the best way for you to identify this type of leak is by using your nose. Gas has a very strong and distinctive odor that you’re sure to recognize. Leaks could be coming from the lines, and this isn’t something you want to ignore! Not only is it dangerous to drive around with a gas leak as gas is very flammable, you’re also losing money every time you get behind the wheel. We all know how expensive it is to fill up at the fuel pump.

Oil leak

If your car has an engine oil leak, the first thing you’ll probably notice is oil under the car. It won’t be a large puddle, but it’ll still be noticeable. It’s anywhere from caramel to dark brown in color (depending on how clean it is) and is viscous and syrupy. You can also check your oil levels to see if they’ve dipped down, and use the fluid on the dipstick for comparison. If you have an oil leak it’s important to bring your car to our Orlando Toyota service center so our techs can remedy the problem. It could be leaking from a lot of different places and since oil is what keeps your engine running properly, you don’t want to run out.

engine oil leak

Let Toyota of Orlando fix your leak issues today

Coolant leak

Think your car has a coolant leak? You’ll notice puddles of green or blue liquid under your car (it can even sometimes be reddish-orange, depending on which coolant you’re using). It’s a pretty common car leak and not TOO serious, but you don’t want to delay in getting it fixed. Remember, your coolant keeps your engine from overheating so if it’s leaking, the levels are going down and it won’t be able to do its job properly.

Brake fluid leak

Brake fluid is similar in appearance to cooking oil and if you see it under your car, you need to get to your latest Orlando Toyota service center ASAP. When you’re leaking brake fluid, you’re slowly chipping away at your ability to safely bring your car to a stop.

Have a car leak? Need it fixed? Whether or not you’re able to tell what the leak is and where it’s coming from, you probably need help fixing it. Call Toyota of Orlando today at (407) 298-0001!


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