Car accessories you need for tailgating this season

September 29th, 2021 by

Football season is here, which means it’s time to break out your tailgating gear and hit the road! Cooler weather, exciting games, and friends and family all make for the perfect tailgating weekend whether it’s in town or out of town, but don’t forget – you need the right ride AND the right accessories to make the most of it. Not only do we have a great selection of new Toyotas that are perfect for tailgating – we’re looking at you, Toyota Tundra – but we also have some suggestions as to car accessories that will help you make the most of the big game. Check it out!

car accessories for tailgating

Six car accessories to take tailgating this fall

#1: Cargo area organizer. You’re going to have A LOT of gear with you during tailgating season, especially if you’re the type of loyal fan who will even get out of town to support your team. Invest in a cargo area organizer – or at least a net – to keep everything in its place and prevent it from rolling around the back of your Orlando Toyota while you’re on the way to the field. This car accessory will also ensure it’s easy to find everything you need when it’s time to break out the party supplies.

#2: Wireless speakers. You can play music in your car for the tailgate, but then you’re also at risk of draining your car battery AND you have to leave your car open all day. Instead, invest in some wireless speakers to pump up the jams and keep the music flowing until it’s time to head into the stadium.

#3: A bed extender. If you have a lot of gear but your cab is full of passengers, you may want to invest in a bed extender for your Orlando Toyota truck. This cool car accessory will allow you to leave the tailgate down but still keep all of your gear in the bed when you’re on the go, giving you a good deal of extra space back there. Ask our Toyota of Orlando parts store which one works best for your truck!

#4: Tonneau cover. Whether you drive a Toyota truck or an SUV, this car accessory really comes in handy when it comes to privacy and security. It covers anything that’s in the bed of the truck or the cargo area of the SUV, keeping it away from prying eyes who may want to break into your vehicle while you’re instead of the stadium. Plus, if you drive a truck, it’ll keep everything dry and in the shade while you’re busy cheering on your team.

#5: A power inverter. Taking a bunch of appliances with you to make your tailgating site a home away from home? Consider a power inverter – this will allow you to run and charge things off of your car battery. Just make sure you’re clear on how it works, how you should use it, and have our Toyota of Orlando auto service techs inspect your battery before you put the inverter to use.

#6: Hitch. If you’re REALLY swamped when it comes to tailgating gear (or you just want to bring your smoker along for the ride), you may need to tow behind your vehicle. In this case, you’ll need a hitch and a towing setup. Our parts store can get you everything you need and our Toyota service center can install it – just call and set up an appointment!

Shop for them all at Toyota of Orlando

Shopping car accessories for tailgating season? Look no further than Toyota of Orlando. Our parts store (and all of our tailgate-ready new Toyotas) are waiting for you at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall. We’re open seven days a week and you can reach us ahead of time at (407) 298-4500.