Can you really do paintless dent repair at home?

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One of the worst feelings in the world is realizing you just ran your car into something. Whether it’s an errant pole in a parking lot that you’ve sideswiped or an unsuspecting car behind you, hearing that telltale crunch is enough to make anyone’s stomach turn. If you’re lucky, you and your Orlando Toyota managed to escape without any major body or paint damage. If not, you’re going to need expert repairs and our Toyota Body Shop can help you there.

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But is it possible to restore your car to like-new condition at home if it only needs paintless dent repair? If you’re handy, then you might be able to make it work. Here are some of the ways you can try to take care of paintless dent repair, DIY style!

Five PDR methods you can try at home

Method #1: Plunger

It sounds weird, we know – but sometimes, it works. First, wet the plunger. Then stick it to the car over the dent, make sure there’s a seal, and give it a good pull. If you’re lucky, the dent will pop out and voila – your paintless dent repair is done.

Method #2: Dry ice 

This paintless dent repair sounds like it could be a magic trick, but some drivers swear it works. Basically, you take a piece of dry ice – make sure you have gloves on to protect your hands – and rub it all over the dent. The extreme cold should make the metal contract and pop the dent out. (If it doesn’t work, at least it looked cool.)

Method #3: Boiling water 

This method is better suited for plastic, like your bumper, because it’s more malleable than metal. Pour boiling water over the dent (be careful not to burn yourself). The heat will make the plastic more pliable and you may be able to just use your hands to pop the dent out and get the area looking normal again.

Method #4: Hairdryer and a can of compressed air 

Break out the hairdryer for this method – first, you’re going to heat the dent with the hottest setting possible on the dryer to make the dented area expand. Then, hit it with a blast of compressed air, which is super cold, to make the dented area contract. Some drivers say this will cause the dent to pop out on its own. Try this paintless dent repair method a few times before you give up!

Method #5: A metal rod and rubber knockdown 

This method is a little more complicated, so don’t try it if you’re not comfortable with it. You’ll basically use a metal rod to hold the underside of the dented area and a rubber knockdown to apply force and hopefully, pop the dent out.

Schedule paintless dent repair at Toyota of Orlando

You can also buy DIY dent repair kits at auto parts stores and online, but if you still can’t get your Orlando Toyota back to like-new condition, bring it to us! We specialize in paintless dent repair, car paint, scratches, dings, chips… whatever damage you’ve done, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to schedule repairs at (407) 298-6006!


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