5 bad car care habits you should break now

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Your car is a big investment – huge, really. For some people, it’s the next biggest investment they’ll make next to their home. That’s why it’s critical to maintain and service your vehicle on a routine basis and take good care of it. Not only will it get you where you need to go for a long time, but it’ll also retain its value and protect your investment. Routine car care is pretty simple to complete (especially if you let our Orlando auto service techs get you on a schedule and send you reminders), but you COULD be engaging in bad car care habits that can cost you money down the road. Here are some of the most common bad habits we see and why you should break them!

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Don’t make these 5 car care mistakes

Bad habit #1: Trying to run on empty. 

Are you in the bad car care habit of letting your gas tank run dry pretty often? If you’re the type of person stops at the pump often to put in a few dollars at a time, stop. Keeping your tank full has benefits – like preserving your fuel pump and keeping it running cooler, which can save you big time repair costs. Filling your tank completely can also enhance your fuel efficiency because you’re making fewer trips to the gas station.

Bad habit #2: Shifting from reverse to drive too quickly. 

Some drivers get into the bad habit of shifting from reverse into drive too quickly, and this is bad for your transmission. You should wait until your car has come to a complete stop and THEN shift from reverse into drive, and vice versa.

Bad habit #3: Keeping the trunk full. 

Are you guilty of keeping all of your junk in the trunk? It’s time to clear things out. Keeping too much stuff in your trunk weighs your car down, which in turn can cause your fuel efficiency to take a dip. Additionally, too much weight in the back of your car can damage your suspension and brakes over time because your vehicle has to work harder to support the weight and bring you to a safe stop.  Make cleaning out your trunk part of your routine car care.

Bad habit #4: Hitting the gas too hard. 

If you have a tendency to put the pedal to the metal, you may want to curb it. Not only does this burn excessive amounts of fuel (and in turn, bring down your fuel efficiency and make you spend more on gas), it also puts your drivetrain through the wringer. It also makes your brakes work harder to bring you to a safe stop, which means more frequent brake pads replacement and brake service.

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Bad habit #5: Not using your parking brake consistently. 

Most people think you only need to use your parking brake if you’re going to be parked on a hill. This is definitely not the case; using your parking brake every time you park can actually help save your brakes by better distributing the weight in your car.

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