A quick guide to backing out of a parking space

Do you know how to back out of a parking space? It may seem like an easy process, but there’s a little more to it than that. Luckily, we’re here and making it simple ™ (as always) at Toyota of Orlando. Check out this quick guide to backing out of a parking space, backing into a parking space, and other parking lot hacks for you and your Toyota. 

backing out of a parking spot

Backing out of a parking space: What you should know 

We’re going to walk you through backing out of a parking space to paint a nice, clear picture. Here are the steps you should take in your Orlando Toyota. 

Step 1: Put your car into reverse, but keep your foot on the brake. You have a few more things to do before you can back out. 

Step 2: See what’s behind you before backing out of a parking space. If you have a backup camera or panoramic view monitor (360-degree camera), this is a great time to use it. 

Step 3: Don’t rely solely on the technology in your car, though. You should also physically turn to check behind you, as well as on either side of you, and be sure to check your blind spots. 

Step #4: Start to slowly accelerate to reverse out of your spot, paying close attention to your surroundings. If you see a car coming, stop – you don’t have the right of way and can be at fault if an accident happens when you’re backing out of a parking space. 

Step #5: When you’re about a third of the way out of your parking spot, it’s time to turn your Orlando Toyota’s wheels. You’re going to turn the steering wheel in the direction that you want your car to reverse. For example, if you want the back of your car to go left, you should turn your steering wheel left. 

Step #6: Once you’ve fully completed backing out of a parking spot, check to ensure your path is clear, turn your wheels in the direction you want to go, and put your car in drive. 

Now that you’re a pro and know how to back out of a parking space, let’s talk about backing into one. 

How to back into a parking space, step by step

If you’re the type of driver who likes to back into a parking spot so you can make a quick exit when it’s time to leave, we’ve got you. Statistically, it’s actually safer to back into a parking spot and pull forward to exit it. Here’s a simple guide on backing into a parking spot. 

Step #1: Find the spot you want and activate your turn signal so other drivers know where you’re headed. 

Step #2: Drive two spots past the parking space that you want. This will give you the space you need to maneuver into your space. Line up your passenger’s side mirror with the farthest parking line in the second parking spot. 

Step #3: Turn your Orlando Toyota’s steering wheel in the direction of the parking space you want – depending on the size of your car and how much space you have, you may want to turn it until it locks. 

Step #4: Physically turn around to ensure there are no cars behind you or in your projected path. Again, you can use your backup camera or 360 degree camera, but don’t rely solely on them. 

Step #5: Shift into reverse, your steering wheel still turned, and back slowly and carefully into your spot. 

Step #6: If necessary, shift your Orlando Toyota into drive and pull forward to straighten your car out. You want to ensure that you’re parked in the middle of the two parking space lines, with an even amount of space on both sides of your vehicle. 

And you’re parked! 

backing out of a parking space

Toyota of Orlando’s parking lot hacks 

To continue in the vein of making it simple ™, we’ve got some easy tips for navigating a parking lot like a pro. 

  • Move slowly. You’ll be able to maneuver better (and more safely) if you travel at low speeds in a parking lot. Remember, there are a lot of cars and pedestrians to look out for. 
  • Stay off your phone. Pay attention to what’s going on – other cars, people walking, signs, etc. to get to your spot safely. Don’t engage in distracted driving
  • Park in well-lit areas when you can. Your car will be less likely to be broken into. If there’s a security tower or camera, even better. 
  • Lock up your car and be sure your valuables are out of sight. If you have an Orlando Toyota with a trunk or a cargo cover, stow your belongings there so no one looking into your car can see them. 
  • Take a picture of your car or drop a pin so you can remember where you were later. (You’ll thank us.) 

Get more tips on backing out of a parking space and more 

Whether you want more tips on how to use safety tech when backing out of a parking space or need auto body repairs because you had a mishap, we’ve got you. Toyota of Orlando is open seven days a week at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 near the Mall of Millenia.