What is a fuel injector flush, and do you need one?

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Routine car care is pretty simple. You get your tires rotated, your oil changed, your brakes done, and your battery checked as needed (and the techs at Toyota of Orlando can get you on a service schedule to make it even simpler). However, sometimes car ownership throws out-of-the-ordinary car care elements at you. Today we’re walking you through a necessary auto service appointment that’s not in the ordinary routine – fuel injector flushes.

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What is a fuel injector flush?

Before you can understand what a fuel injector flush is, you need to know what a fuel injector is and its purpose in the grand scheme of things. Basically, the fuel injector is a pressurized valve that pushes fuel into the engine so your car can run. Since they’re used often, over time they tend to collect grime, dirt, and soot, which can lead to an air-fuel mixture imbalance in your engine. Basically, less gas is able to get through to the engine, or gas is pushed through unevenly, which leads to performance problems and reduced fuel efficiency (which means more money spent at the pump).

However, an easy way to remedy this is to get a fuel injector flush at Toyota of Orlando! During this auto service appointment, our techs will flush out your fuel injectors and fuel system with special chemicals. This will remove the dirt, debris, and other buildup that’s accumulated in the system and also get rid of any corrosion that may be there.

The benefits? You can get better gas mileage out of your car, reduce emissions to make your performance cleaner, and prolong the life of your vehicle in general.

So how do you know if you need to schedule a fuel injector flush at Toyota of Orlando? Here are the main signs you may need this car care appointment on your calendar:

  • Your car is stalling out when you’re stopped at a light or in slow-moving traffic.
  • You have a rough idle (your car sputters and shakes when it’s running but you’re not in motion).
  • Your fuel efficiency has dropped below what it should be. This is because your car will try to push more fuel into the engine to accommodate the problem, and ends up using more gas than it should.
  • Your RPM needle is moving erratically – it jumps up and down without warning and for no reason.
  • Your engine is misfiring. This is when you hit the accelerator and instead of moving faster, your car sputters or takes more time than it should to pick up speed.
  • You’ll be able to rule out other issues. Fuel injector flushes can be diagnostic, ruling out other (more expensive) problems that might be causing similar symptoms in your car’s performance.

Schedule a fuel injector flush at Toyota of Orlando

Think you might need a fuel injector flush? Our Orlando Toyota service techs can help. Call us today! We’re open seven days a week at (407) 298-0001. You can also stop by 3575 Vineland Road to chat with our techs, or schedule your service online to make it easy. See you soon!


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