Toyota of Orlando’s used car inspection checklist

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Do you know how to thoroughly inspect a used car before you sign the dotted line? Some people are unnerved by buying pre-owned, but the best way to get peace of mind and ensure you take home a reliable ride at a great price is to do a little legwork. Toyota of Orlando is here to help you educate yourself AND find the perfect pre-owned solution – check out our used car inspection checklist and be sure to take it with you when it’s time for your test drive.

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Toyota of Orlando has a checklist for used car inspections

First things first – let’s talk about initial appearances of the used car in question.

  1. Is the body of the car free from damage like dents, scratches, and dings?
  2. Do you see any mismatched paint or uneven panels?
  3. Do all of the doors and trunk open and close properly?
  4. Do you see rust anywhere on the body or the car? Check everything, including the trunk.
  5. How is the glass on the car – are there any cracks or chips?
  6. Are the tires in good shape? Do they have any damage? Do they have the right amount of tread?

Now let’s talk about the interior since that’s where you’ll probably be headed next. Here are our Orlando Toyota tips for inspecting the cabin:

  1. Is the upholstery clean and odor-free?
  2. Is the headliner still attached to the ceiling?
  3. Do the windows all work properly?
  4. Do the power door and window locks work?
  5. Do you see any dashboard lights that stay illuminated after you start the car?
  6. Do the A/C and heat turn on and blow efficiently?
  7. Does the technology work? We’re talking audio, Bluetooth, interior lights, turn signals, and headlights.
  8. Test the windshield wipers and wiper fluid to ensure they all work.
  9. Can you easily adjust the front seats in the car and fold down the back ones?
  10. Does the sunroof open and close?
  11. Does the parking brake work?
  12. Is there an inflated spare tire with a kit in the trunk?
  13. Does the key fob work to unlock the doors? Is there a spare if the key fob gives out on you?
  14. Are there signs of mildew or mold anywhere on the interior, including the trunk?

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And we can’t forget performance – this is one of the most important things to consider when shopping used cars. Make sure you check these points:

  1. Pop the hood – do you see any rust in the engine bay?
  2. Are the battery terminals corroded or rusted?
  3. Look under the car – do you see any leaks?
  4. When you turn the car on, do you see any smoke coming out of the exhaust?
  5. Do you smell or hear anything odd when the engine is running?
  6. Does the car shake or vibrate when it’s in motion?
  7. Are the brakes responsive? Do they grind or make noise when you hit them? Do they cause the car to pull to one side when used?
  8. Does the car shift smoothly in between gears?
  9. Does the car reverse smoothly and without noise?

And finally, don’t forget to take note of elements like:

  1. The car’s mileage – does it match the CarFax report?
  2. Does the owner have the title for you if it’s a private sale?
  3. What year is the car?
  4. Was the car on when you got there? If so, turn it off and then start it again.

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When you’re ready to shop Orlando used cars, bring this list with you – it’ll help you stay organized and get answers to all of your questions. Give us a call when you feel prepared to hit the lot – we’re ready and waiting at (407) 298-4500 to schedule your test drive!


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