The Toyota Sienna Camper Van: Would you drive it?

June 15th, 2020 by

The Toyota Sienna is renowned in the automotive industry for being sleek, efficient, and as family-friendly as it can possibly get. It’s also incredibly versatile; this spacious minivan has a comfortable interior decked out with features like reclining rear seats, captain’s chair options, seats that fold flat and stow away, and dual power sliding doors to access it all. However, a company that specializes has taken this Orlando Toyota to an all-new level in terms of versatility.

Hit the highway in a new Toyota Sienna minivan

Camper vans are a great way to explore the country without having to navigate a large, cumbersome RV down the highway. However, even camper vans can be bigger than what you’re used to and also use more fuel than you’d like. Oasis Campervans, a company that specializes in converting minivans into camper vans, recently undertook the challenge to make the Orlando Toyota Sienna even more adaptable by converting it into a camper van capable of taking on the open road comfortably. Check out the details below!


  • First things first – let’s talk about the sleeping arrangements because no one likes sleeping crumpled up in the backseat. This camper van actually offers a double memory foam mattress that lies on top of the dining/living area when it’s opened up and put to use. Talk about an upgrade.
  • To keep things comfortable when you’re not sleeping, the double bed easily folds up and converts into a seating space; you can relax or use it to eat at a special pop-up swiveling table designed for that very purpose. The interior is also decked out with three storage cabinets and one storage drawer, as well as easy-t0-clean laminate flooring that’s also pleasant to look at. Marine canvas curtains to block out the light and let you get a good night’s sleep round out the cabin.
  • Now let’s talk about storage. You’re probably thinking that there can’t possibly be much room for gear with everything this special Toyota Sienna already has going on inside. Think again. We already know that this Orlando Toyota has a spacious cargo area (39.1 cubic feet of space even with all seats up and occupied), but Oasis took it to another level by installing more storage cabinets, as well as a stainless steel sink. There’s enough storage for 1.5 gallons of fresh water, a refrigerator or cooler, a space for a two-burner stove, and even a countertop to work on. And it all fits neatly into the cargo hatch!


And the best news? It costs under $10k to convert your minivan (a lot cheaper than purchasing a camper van or RV for your travels) and additionally, it’s REVERSIBLE. If you decide the nomad life isn’t for you, you can restore your Toyota Sienna back to its original design.

Test drive this Orlando Toyota today

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