Six signs you’re having car alternator problems

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Your car battery is an essential part of your car’s performance. It produces a ton of power so that you can both start your car AND keep it running while it’s out on the road. In fact, it produces so much power that without some assistance, it would drain pretty quickly. That’s where your car alternator comes into play – this critical component actually recycles energy to charge your car battery AND help power the electrical system. Without it, you’re going nowhere fast.

That’s why it’s important to be able to recognize when you’re having problems with your car alternator, and Toyota of Orlando’s auto service techs are here to help. Check out their quick checklist and if any of these signs sound familiar, schedule car care with them today!

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Don’t ignore these six signs of car alternator issues

Sign #1: The warning light is on 

There’s actually a warning light for your car alternator in some vehicles; it’s shaped like a battery and may say ALT or GEN underneath. However, your battery warning light might also serve as a warning sign that you’re due for some car maintenance at Toyota of Orlando. Don’t ignore it!

Sign #2: Your car battery is giving you trouble 

Does it seem like you’re having trouble getting your car started, even when you know your battery should be good? This can be a sign that your car alternator isn’t working. Remember, it recharges your battery when the engine is running because the battery has to produce so much power. If it’s not working, the battery will start to drain fast.

Sign #3: Your car’s lights are dim 

When you start your vehicle, do you notice that your interior and exterior lights seem dimmer than normal? Or maybe they start out bright but as you drive, they start to dim. This is an indicator of a problem with your car alternator; it helps to power your electrical system, so your lights dimming means the system isn’t getting enough power.

Sign #4: You smell something burning when the car is running

Sometimes you can have problems with this essential part because of the belts it’s associated with. It works in conjunction with a system of belts and when they aren’t working properly or turning as they should, they can create friction. In turn, this can create a weird burning smell (kind of like an electrical fire) when your car is in action. Luckily, our Orlando car maintenance techs can fix this by tightening or repairing the belts to get you back out on the road.

Sign #5: You see a broken belt

If you can actually see a broken belt under the hood, that’s likely your issue! Bring your car to Toyota of Orlando to have our expert auto service techs get things up and running again.

Sign #6: You hear grinding or whining noises from the engine bay

Your car alternator has to utilize a lot of moving parts to be able to create all the necessary power. If one of those parts breaks or comes loose, it can create odd noises inside the engine bay. If you hear these alongside any of the above signs, it’s time to visit our Toyota service center.

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