Should you really be worried about getting snakes in your car?

If you’re a social media user, chances are that over the past few years you’ve seen videos of people getting snakes in their car (even right here in Florida *screams*). While these videos and pictures are definitely nightmare fuel, are they anything to worry about in real life on a day-to-day basis? Toyota of Orlando is breaking down the chances of getting snakes in your car and how to deal with the situation should it occur.

Orlando Toyota car care tips

Can you actually get snakes in your car, or is it a myth?

So bad news – it IS possible to get snakes in your car, especially in a place like Florida where they seem to be hanging out all over the place. Here’s why:

  • Snakes like dark, warm places (especially in the winter, since they’re cold-blooded and need an external heat source to get warm). Your engine is both, and it’s a great place for them to hide from predators, too. Not only is it safe, but it also gives them the advantage to strike first before they can get nabbed by something.
  • Your engine bay is an easy port. All snakes have to do is look up – your engine is open to the ground and easy to access for a snake slithering under your car.

But here’s the good news. While it’s easy for a snake to get into your engine bay, it’s NOT easy to get snakes in your car when it comes to the cabin of the vehicle. Your Orlando Toyota is pretty much sealed to the outside – there really aren’t any places where a snake can access it except for doors and windows. So as long as you keep them closed when you’re not using them, you should be good to go. And yes, we’re serious about the windows – snakes are excellent climbers (more nightmare fuel for you) and could easily climb up the side of your car and drop in an open window.

And remember that video of the Florida woman who had a snake come out of her A/C vent inside the cabin of her car? That’s extremely uncommon. Your HVAC system is sealed off to the outside, so it’s more likely that the snake found its way into the cabin of her car and went in the A/C vent from there. Credit to her for not crashing her ride.

Orlando Toyota tips for dealing with a snake in your vehicle

So what should you do if you discover snakes in your car? Here are a few quick tips from Toyota of Orlando:

  • Don’t try to grab the snake with your hands – remember, they’re at an advantage in their hiding spot and could likely strike at you before you got them. If you have a pole or some other instrument to get them out, use that.
  • Otherwise, contact animal control to come and assist you in removing snakes from your car.
  • Don’t just “let them be” inside the engine compartment. Snakes can become wrapped up in moving belts and also cause electrical fires.

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