How to tow your own car safely

April 22nd, 2021 by

Have you ever had to tow your Orlando Toyota? We mean actually tow your own car, not use your car to tow something else like a boat or a trailer. We’ve given you plenty of tips on how to safely tow with your vehicle, but pulling your own car behind you is a different story. Whether you’re moving cross-country and bringing your Orlando Toyota along for the ride or towing it in for repairs at an auto repair shop, use these tips to do it safely and efficiently!

towing tips

What you should know before you tow

To get started, here are some basic points to take into consideration before you tow your Orlando Toyota with another car or truck.

  • The car or truck that’s doing the towing should be larger and heavier than the car being towed. You’ll need more acceleration power AND braking power to safely get both vehicles to their final destination.
  • NO ONE – not even your four-legged friends – should be in the vehicle that’s being towed at any point during the journey. It’s illegal and also extremely dangerous.
  • It’s best to tow your car on a flatbed trailer or at least a dolly, which is a small trailer that lifts your car’s front tires off the ground. If you’re using a chain or tow rope, it should only be for a very short distance and at very low speeds. Using a chain or rope is dangerous – the vehicle being towed doesn’t have active brakes and could rear-end the vehicle towing it, the rope could break, etc. It’s best to use a trailer whenever possible.

Tips for towing your Toyota

Once you’ve safely hooked up your car to the car you’ll be towing with (and make sure you check with our Orlando auto service experts for specifications if you’re unsure as to how you should hook things up), you can hit the road. Here are a few tips for doing so safely.

Tip #1: Go easy on your braking. You’ll want to take it easy when it comes to braking while towing your car – any sudden or sharp braking can result in damage to the brakes of the vehicle that’s towing. Pulling a car means a lot of weight is behind you, so you should slow your vehicle gradually and give your brakes a fighting chance.

Tip #2: Slow down. Slow down when towing your Orlando Toyota behind you. It’s even acceptable to go under the speed limit in this particular situation – remember, you’ll need more distance to bring both vehicles to a stop and the slower you go, the easier this is to achieve.

Tip #3: Make sure all lighting works and that you use your turn signals and mirrors. Make sure your brake lights and turn signals work, and turn on the hazard lights of the vehicle that you’re towing. Also, be sure to signal well ahead of any movements you make to let other drivers know your intentions, and use your mirrors to check and ensure you have the space to move around.

Tip #4: Be especially careful when turning. Be very careful when turning and avoid making sharp turns when towing a car behind your car. Sharp or sudden turns could result in damage to both vehicles.

Tip #5: Change lanes with caution. Be sure to change lanes with caution – you have to account for enough space for BOTH vehicles.

Have questions or want to see if your Orlando Toyota is up for the job of towing another vehicle? Call us to schedule an appointment! Toyota of Orlando is open seven days a week at (407) 298-0001.