Five auto services that can cost you big money if you skip them

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Did you know that by keeping your car on an auto service schedule, you’re saving yourself a ton of money? It may not feel like it – after all, you do have to pay for routine car maintenance so it can feel like you’re simply spending rather than getting a return on your investment. But sticking to a routine car care schedule can save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. Our Orlando auto service experts are here with tips – check out these five car care appointments you should never skip if you want to save money.

Orlando car care tips

Don’t skip these auto service appointments if you value your bank account

#1: Oil changes: You should never skip your routine oil changes at Toyota of Orlando. Oil changes ensure that your oil stays clean and is always at the right level. If you skip them, debris will start to work its way into the oil and the oil level will drop. This leads to thinner, less effective oil, which in turn can lead to the oil not lubricating the engine properly. All in all, you can end up with an overheated, seized up engine, which can cost thousands to replace. Schedule your oil changes!

#2: Brake pad replacement: Your brake pads play a critical role in bringing your car to a stop. When they start to wear too thin, you have to replace them in order to protect your car’s rotors. When the pads are too thin, you can actually do permanent and irreparable damage to the rotors, resulting in needing replacement rotors to the tune of hundreds of dollars.

#3: Engine air filter replacement:  You know that your car engine sucks in air in order to get up and running and complete the combustion process. The engine air filter prevents dirt and debris from being pulled into the engine as well. When the engine is too dirty, it can cause clogs and prevent enough clean air from being pulled into the engine. This can result in interior engine erosion, reduced performance capabilities, and low fuel efficiency.

#4: Timing belt replacement: Luckily, you don’t need to replace your timing belt very often. It’s usually an auto service reserved for high mileage vehicles and you shouldn’t need to do it more than a time or two. The timing belt synchronizes all of the movements in the engine so when it breaks, you’re going nowhere fast. It can actually even break parts of the engine if it it snaps mid-performance. Replace it when recommended!

#5: Tire rotations: It’s critical to schedule tire rotations on a routine basis. Without them, your tires will wear out faster, drop your fuel efficiency, and be more prone to blowouts (which can lead to collisions). We’re sure you see where we’re going. Get on an auto service schedule for this item.

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