Why is my car overheating? A quick guide

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When the weather is warm – and let’s face it, that’s pretty much every day here in Central Florida – you have to take care to ensure your car can beat the heat and still maintain an efficient and reliable performance. One of the major problems that people face when it’s hot is their car overheating, which is why we’ve gathered information from our Orlando auto service techs that explain what this issue is, what causes it, and what to do if you experience it. Why is your car overheating? Let’s get started!

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Why is my car overheating?

When you’re wondering “why is my car overheating?”, you’re basically dealing with a car that has become too hot to function so it eventually shuts itself off. Something inside the cooling system in the engine is preventing it from doing its job, so the engine will eventually shut down in order to prevent major damage. Here are some of the main reasons you may have to deal with your car overheating:

  • Your water pump is broken. This is the part of the cooling system that literally pumps coolant throughout, so if it’s broken, the coolant can’t get where it needs to go to keep the temperature reasonable inside the engine.
  • You have a leak somewhere. This can be caused by broken or worn hoses and results in not enough coolant making its way through the cooling system, which in turn means the car overheats. You’ll need to have the hose replaced.
  • You have a hose blockage. Conversely, if your hose is blocked instead of leaking, you’re still having issues with the coolant getting where it needs to go. Our Orlando Toyota service techs will have to go in and figure out which hose in blocked and remove the blockage or replace the hose.
  • Your radiator isn’t functioning properly. The radiator is the part of the cooling system that takes the old, heated up coolant that’s been circling the engine block and cools it back down again. When it doesn’t work, the fluid stays warm and can’t cool the engine properly.

And don’t forget to check your coolant – if you’re using the wrong type of there’s not enough of it, you may risk your car overheating.

why is my car overheating

What to do if you’re asking why your car is overheating

So, what should you do when faced with this situation? Here are tips from our Orlando Toyota techs:

  • Pull over – driving with an overheated engine can lead to big-time issues and subsequently, costly repairs.
  • Put the car in park and try revving the engine, which can force more coolant through the cooling system. Opening the hood will also help release some heat, as will running the heat inside the car’s cabin.
  • Check the coolant levels to see if they’re low from not being topped off or from a leak.
  • NEVER check the radiator (by removing the cap) – you can seriously burn yourself.
  • If nothing seems to be cooling down, call a tow truck rather than risk driving your vehicle to an auto service center.

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