Are you low on transmission fluid?

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When it comes to putting the pedal to the metal, there’s a very important part involved – your transmission. Your car’s transmission is in charge of sending power from the engine to the wheels, and it allows you to both get moving in the first place AND shift through the gears to reach higher speeds. When it’s not working properly, you’re going nowhere fast – that’s why it’s so important to maintain it. Toyota of Orlando is here to talk to you about one of the key components of keeping your car’s transmission in top shape – transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid

Do you need more transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid has two jobs – it keeps your engine cool, and it also keeps your entire transmission system lubricated so all of the parts can work together seamlessly. When the transmission fluid becomes dirty or runs low, it becomes nearly impossible for your car’s transmission to work at full capacity. Best case scenario, you’ll have a not-so-great performance on your hands. Worst case, your car won’t go anywhere… at all.

So, how do you know if your car’s transmission fluid is starting to run low or get too dirty to function properly? Check out these giveaway signs straight from our Orlando auto service techs:

1) You can’t shift gears. 

This is probably the most obvious sign that you’re out of transmission fluid. Whether you drive a manual or an automatic, your car shifts gears in order to speed up and slow down. If it can’t make these shifts, you’re not going anywhere. Like, at all. You can refill the reservoir to get things moving again, but it’s a good idea to bring your car into Toyota of Orlando to have our techs check your system out and ensure there aren’t any leaks.

2) Your shifts seem off when it comes to timing.

Does it feel like your shifts between gears are coming too soon or too late? This could mean your car is running low on transmission fluid and subsequently, can’t get the timing right. Let our techs check things out and get your fluid topped off so you can get your timing right again.

3) Your transmission is slipping. 

When your transmission slips, it feels like your car just can’t quite make it into that gear and slips back into the old one – it should be especially noticeable during acceleration. Other signs of a slipping transmission include spiking RPMs right before a gear shift, odd noises when the car is shifting, and choppiness when the car does manage to shift. All of these signs point to low transmission fluid level and if not handled, can lead to engine overheating and worse (we’re talking expensive repairs). Let our Orlando Toyota techs take a look under the hood as soon as possible.

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4) There’s a delay when it’s time for your car to engage the next gear. 

Does your car seem to have a few seconds’ delay when it shifts? What about when you shift it into drive or park? It’s only about 2-3 seconds, but it’s noticeable enough. This indicates an issue with fluid levels, so visit Toyota of Orlando today!

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