6 commonly asked car parts questions

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Car parts can be confusing. If you’re not pretty well-versed in what goes on under the hood or really anywhere else on your vehicle, it can be a little overwhelming to try to shop for parts on your own. However, Toyota of Orlando is here to make it easier! We have a fully stocked parts shop at our dealership so you can come in and check things out in person before you buy. Not only that, we have skilled parts specialists who can help you order anything we don’t have in the store and advise you on what will work best for your car. And finally, we’ve rounded up some of the most commonly asked car parts questions to get you started on some basic auto parts knowledge. Check it out!

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Common auto parts questions answered

#1: What are OEM parts? 

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer – for example, Toyota parts are OEM since Toyota manufactures them. These parts are made especially for specific makes and models.

#2: Where can I buy OEM parts? 

Good news – you can buy OEM car parts right here at Toyota of Orlando! You can shop in person at our store or come meet with one of our parts specialists to order parts from Toyota online and have them shipped here.

#3: Can I use aftermarket car parts? 

Aftermarket car parts are parts that are designed for your vehicle, but they’re not from the original manufacturer. Another company makes them and for the most part, you can use them on your car. However, you’ll want to check with one of our Orlando Toyota parts or service specialists to make sure the parts are compatible before you swipe that credit card. You should also check to ensure they aren’t going to void any warranties or lease agreements that you might have on the car.

#4: Where can I buy aftermarket parts? 

Pretty much anywhere – lots of auto parts stores carry aftermarket parts if that’s what you’re after. Again, just make sure they’re compatible with your car before you plunk down your money.

#5: What about used parts – are those OK? 

We’ll be frank with you – we don’t think it’s that great of an idea. Used car parts are just that; used. This means they’ve been through wear and tear already and the chances of them giving out on  you are higher than if you were to buy new parts. They may be cheaper, but if you have to replace them sooner, it’s not really a cost-effective investment. Plus, they often don’t come with warranties on them.

#6: What do I do with my old automotive parts when I’m done with them? 

You can’t just throw used parts in the trash. Your best bet is to sell them to an auto parts shop, try to recycle them appropriately, or sell them for scrap metal.

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