6 car smells you should never ignore

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Have you ever slid into the driver’s seat, cranked the engine, and then realized that something stinks? And we’re not talking your smoothie that you accidentally left in the backseat cupholder or that wet dog smell left over from last weekend’s visit to the dog park. We’re talking a stench that can only mean one thing – trouble under the hood. Toyota of Orlando is here to explain 6 different car smells, what they mean, and why you should never ignore them.

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Smell #1: Rotten eggs

If you get a whiff of rotten eggs when you start the car, it can mean that you have traces of sulfur in your gasoline, which can cause hydrogen sulfide in your exhaust. You shouldn’t ignore it because you likely have a problem with your fuel injection system OR your catalytic converter. Long story short, you’re going to need our Orlando auto service techs to get under the hood.

Smell #2: Like you’re parked at a gas station 

If you smell gas inside the car and you’re not actually parked at a gas station, you have a problem. Typically, this smell can indicate a leak from a fuel injection line or a fuel tank vent hose. Either way, your car is leaking a flammable liquid (and one that’s harmful to inhale, too). Bring it into Toyota of Orlando to have our auto service techs check it out.

Smell #3: Sweet maple syrup

If you’re getting a sweet, syrupy smell inside the cabin of your car, it means you have ethylene glycol leaking, aka coolant. You may have a hose leak or a leak in the radiator itself (or even a leaky radiator cap). Regardless, you’re losing the fluid that keeps your car running cool and you don’t want your ride to overheat.

Smell #4: A gym locker room

If your ride smells like a humid gym locker room when you turn on your air-conditioning, then you probably have mildew or mold inside the A/C system – most likely in the A/C condenser. The system needs to be dried out and our auto service techs can help you do it.

Smell #5: Burning carpet

If you smell burning carpet, it means your brake pads are working overtime and are overheated. Make sure your handbrake (or foot parking brake) isn’t engaged, and then bring your car to our Orlando auto service center because it could mean an issue with a brake caliper piston.

Smell #6: Hot oil (and not the good, fried food, lots of calories type oil) 

If you smell hot oil – and not oil like the inside of a McDonald’s – then you likely have an oil leak under the hood. You’ll find that this often stems from a leaky valve or seal and requires expertise to put things right.

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