Toyota Warning Lights: What do they mean?

No one likes to see a warning light illuminate in their dash. It causes uncertainty and anxiety as you wonder what’s wrong with your car (and how much it’s going to cost to fix it). Toyota of Orlando is here to help – check out this guide to Toyota warning lights and what they mean so next time you see one, you know what to do.

10 Toyota warning lights and what they mean

#1: Tire pressure warning light

Toyota warning lights


This Toyota warning light indicates that one or more of your tires is low on pressure (it doesn’t have enough air in it). This can be caused by a leak or other damage to the tire, or it might be from the cold air. When it’s cold outside, the air in your tires gets denser and can trigger the low pressure sensors, but as it warms up outside things will return to normal. Be sure to check your tires when you see this light and if you see any damage, bring them to Toyota of Orlando to have them repaired or replaced.




#2: Engine temperature warning light 

Toyota dashboard light


This Toyota warning light indicates that your engine is reaching a temperature that’s too high. A multitude of issues can cause it to come on – low coolant, mechanical issues, lack of oil – but regardless, it means your engine is about to overheat and could leave you with a costly repair bill. If you see this light come on, pull over and have your car towed to our Orlando Toyota service center ASAP.




#3: Check engine light

car warning lights



This light can also mean a multitude of things but before you jump to conclusions, go check your gas cap. You heard us right! If your gas cap isn’t screwed on all the way, it can trigger this Toyota warning light. If it’s twisted in tightly, it’s time to head to Toyota of Orlando to have our techs get to the bottom of the issue before your engine sustains major damage.




#4: Fuel light 

Toyota dashboard symbols and meanings




If you see this Toyota warning light come on, it means you need gas! You’re getting low and you need to pull over and fill up your tank or risk being stranded.





#5: Oil pressure warning light 

dashboard warning lights


This light means that you have low oil pressure or that your oil level is too low. Remember, oil is the lifeblood of your car and keeps the engine both cool and lubricated. If your oil pressure or level of oil is too low, your engine is in danger, so don’t hesitate to check your oil and bring your car to Toyota of Orlando with any questions.





#6: Battery warning light 

dashboard light meanings


This Toyota warning light turning on means that there’s something going on with your car’s battery. It basically means that the alternator is no longer charging the battery, which means it’s running solo and will run out of juice in a short time, leaving you with a dead battery and no way to start your car. Bring your car to our Orlando car care center so our techs can check everything and if need be, replace your car battery.




#7: Windshield wiper fluid warning light 

car dashboard lights



This Toyota dashboard symbol means that your wiper fluid is low – this is the fluid that you spray on your windshield to clean it. Refill it and you should be good to go!





#8: ABS warning light

warning lights Toyota


The ABS or anti-lock braking system warning light can indicate a multitude of issues. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Low levels of fluid in the reservoir
  • Broken wheel speed sensors
  • Your ABS system is turned off
  • You have a malfunctioning ABS module

Whatever it is, it’s likely not fixable at home, so bring your car to Toyota of Orlando to be checked out.




#9: Brake warning light 

brake warning light



This Toyota dashboard symbol means that your brake fluid is low. If you know how to fill it at home, kudos to you… if not, visit us at our Toyota service center so our techs can help you out.






#10: Service engine soon light 

dashboard lights




Whether your light says “service engine soon” or “service due soon”, it’s pretty self-explanatory what this warning light means – you need to call Toyota of Orlando and schedule routine car maintenance.



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