Four types of burning smells in your car

If you’ve ever slid behind the wheel and smelled something burning, you know just how fast your stress level can rise. A burning smell inside your car is never a good sign and almost always means that your Orlando Toyota is about to be due for car repairs. However, not all burning smells have the same cause or effects. Our Toyota of Orlando car repair team is here to explain the different types of burning odors you might encounter and what they mean. Check out this quick guide for the next time you have this type of car emergency.

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What do the different types of burning smells in your car mean?

Type #1: Burning rubber 

This type of odor usually indicates exactly what it smells like – something rubber under the hood is burning or melting. Typically, the smell can be traced to a loose hose or a slipping belt that’s touching something hot and melting. Whatever the cause, you’ll need to bring your car to Toyota of Orlando for repairs before expensive damage is done – a melted hose could lead to leaks and overheating, and a melted belt could cause major problems with your engine.

Type #2: Burning carpet 

Burning carpet smells – oddly enough – stem from your car’s brakes. You’ll detect this type of odor when your car’s brake pads or rotors are overheating, especially if the smell intensifies when you brake. It can be caused by brake pads that are too thin or calipers that are sticking. Definitely don’t ignore this smell. If your brake pads are overheating, they can wear down a lot faster than you’d like and cause damage to your car’s rotors, which is a costly car repair.

Type #3: Burning plastic 

Burning plastic odors can mean an issue with your car’s wiring – specifically, the insulation surrounding it. This insulation is often soy-based plastic, which makes it irresistible to rodents and other critters who love to chew it. If you smell burning plastic, it can mean something has chewed through the insulation or the insulation has simply worn down or been damaged. This leaves exposed wires under the hood, which can throw a spark and cause a fire. Don’t risk it! Bring your car to Toyota of Orlando for car repairs.

Type #4: Burning oil 

Burning oil calls for a visit to our Orlando car repair center ASAP. It usually means you have an oil leak under your hood somewhere, which can quickly lead to your car overheating and engine damage. Not only that, leaking oil can damage your car’s crankshaft, timing belt, and more. It can even cause a fire under the hood. Don’t ignore this smell – let our techs pinpoint and fix the leak as soon as you can.

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