Toyota of Orlando debunks car maintenance myths!

Taking care of your vehicle is something that is extremely important. Not only will routine car maintenance in Orlando keep your car running smoothly, but it'll also prolong the life of your ride. That's why it's so important to take the time out properly to take care of your vehicle! 

Now, we understand that it might seem like your car needs a TON of different auto services. Everyone has their own ideas of what auto service is needed, but there are some car maintenance myths floating around that should be debunked! We sat down with our Toyota Service Center techs in order to figure out which Orlando car maintenance myths need to be put to rest.

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Our Toyota Service Center dispels car maintenance myths!

If you were to listen to everyone who tries to give you advice about Orlando car maintenance, you'd be doing a lot of work on your car! Of course, you'll want to protect your car, but you're not made of money. Doing any unnecessary work on your car might not hurt your ride, but it WILL hurt your pocket! Which Orlando car maintenance myths are simply untrue? 

  • Myth #1-Get an oil change every 3,000 miles: This might be one of the biggest car maintenance myths out there. While getting an Orlando oil change when it's time to get one is a smart idea, you might not necessarily need to get one every 3,000 miles. In reality, you should consult your car owner's manual to figure out how often you should change your car's oil. It used to be correct that you needed to change your engine's oil constantly, but car engineering has come a LONG way. Most cars nowadays can go at least 5,000 miles before they need an oil change, so only get this Orlando car maintenance when it's necessary!

  • Myth #2-Top off brake fluid to fix any brake problems: Making sure that your brakes are in working order is extremely important. Brakes are the only thing stopping you when you're behind the wheel of your ride, so you certainly need brakes to work properly! When brake pads wear down, the level of brake fluid in the reservoir drops. If you notice that the level is low or drops quickly, it could mean there's a leak. If you see there's a problem, it's just best to bring your ride into our auto service center to get necessary brake service in Orlando!

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Learn the truth about Orlando car maintenance 

  • Myth #3-Replace coolant with each oil change: While we understand that you want to be proactive and protect your car, but you don't have to flush out the coolant often. Some people say that you should replace the coolant with every oil change, but that's not true at all. In fact, it's recommended that you change the coolant every five years of every 60,000 miles. However, if you notice that the level of the fluid is indeed low, you should bring it to our auto service center to get Orlando car maintenance ASAP!

  • Myth #4-Premium gas is better for your vehicle: This car maintenance myth can cost you a lot of money! Some drivers on the road think that premium gas is better than unleaded gas. However, if your car doesn't require this type of gas, you'll be wasting your hard-earned money. Your vehicle's performance won't be improved by premium gasoline if it doesn't require the special type of fuel. However, if your car does require this type of fuel, you MUST use it. Not doing so can lead to expensive auto repairs in Orlando!

  • Myth #5-Never replace one tire: Another big Orlando car maintenance myth is that you should always replace all tires, even if only one is bad. This myth is not true. You can actually get away only replacing one car tire if the rest of your Orlando car tires have a lot of tread depth left. When you replace just one, make sure the make and model matches those of the tires your vehicle already has!

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