How long do car batteries last? A quick guide to car vehicle battery life

Your car battery plays a critical role in your Orlando Toyota’s performance – without it, you are literally going nowhere fast. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on this car part, maintain it routinely at our Toyota service center, and replace it when necessary. However, how long do car batteries last?

how long do car batteries last

How long do car batteries last and what maintenance do you need?

There’s no real definitive answer to the question of “how long do car batteries last?”. It truly depends on your vehicle, your driving habits, climate conditions, and your car care routine. In general, car batteries should last 3-4 years; it’s typical for car maintenance to have to replace this part. Some batteries, however, could last as long as 6 years while others need to be replaced after a year or two. Here are some of the factors that affect how long your car battery will last:

How often you drive. Driving your car often is actually GOOD for your car battery, believe it or not. If you leave your Orlando Toyota sitting in the driveway a lot or only take it on short trips every once in a while, it can actually drain your battery because it’s not getting the chance to charge itself up. If your vehicle tends to spend a lot of time inactive, take it for a 30-40 minute drive every week to keep the battery in good shape.

The climate where you live. Hot climates (like the one we live in here in Orlando, sorry) tend to take a harder toll on car batteries than cool climates. High temps can cause accelerated corrosion inside of the battery and also cause water to evaporate out of the battery’s liquid electrolytes. This leads to decreased charge capacity and a weak starting ability.

In the same vein, extreme cold can also do a number on your car battery and shorten its lifespan. When temps go below 32 degrees, car batteries can lose up to 35% of their strength and have to work that much harder to get your car up and running.

Your accessories. How you use your accessories (and how careful you are with them) can also have a big impact on your car’s battery. Remember, your battery is supposed to be used to start your car, not power your radio while you tailgate or run the A/C while you sit in the parking lot. Further, if you’re not careful and accidentally leave your lights on overnight – even an interior light – it can drain your car battery and leave you stranded.

If you get routine maintenance or not. Car battery maintenance is just as important as getting routine oil changes and tire rotations. You should bring your car to Toyota of Orlando’s service center so our techs can clean the cables and clamps, get rid of any corrosion, check the electrolyte levels, and inspect the physical condition of the battery.

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