Everything you need to know about speed limits

November 25th, 2020 by

Have you ever gotten pulled over for going over the speed limit when driving? It happens (to many of us) and can result in a warning if you’re lucky and a ticket if you’re not. What about under the speed limit – have you ever been pulled over for driving too slowly? Believe it or not, that can actually happen, too. Speed limits are real, backed by both science and law, and are enforced with the threat of tickets, license suspensions, and even jail time. They’re also in place to keep both you and other drivers safe when you hit the road. It’s important to understand them before you get behind the wheel, and that’s where Toyota of Orlando comes in!

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Toyota of Orlando explains how speed limits come to exist

First, let’s talk about what speed limits are and how they’re determined by the folks in charge. Basically, a speed limit is just what it sounds like – it’s a limit to how fast you can drive in that particular area. They’re determined by infrastructural engineers and they have to consider quite a few factors before they can decide what the safest speed is for that stretch of road. After the roads are blueprinted, planned, and surveyed out, the engineers step in to discuss and plan around elements like:

  • The road itself and if it’s straight or winding, has any hills or elevation changes, and what type of physical condition it’s in overall
  • How much pedestrian traffic there is around the road – for instance, speed limits are a lot lower in urban areas like downtown Orlando and around schools because of the increased foot traffic
  • How much housing is around the road and how far back it is from the street

As you can see, a lot of careful consideration and planning goes into deciding the speed limit in the end. That’s why it’s so critical that you abide by them when you’re behind the wheel of your Orlando Toyota – they’re there for big and important reasons.

And just like your car has safety elements built into it like seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, and windshield wipers, speed limits exist to keep you and your passengers safe. You’ll find that speed limits tend to be lower in areas that are urban or suburban, as these roads tend to see more housing alongside them and more pedestrian traffic around them. Slower speed limits mean you have more time to come to a quick or sudden stop if you need to. Slower speeds also mean less damage if you do get into an accident or collision.

On the other hand, Orlando highways like the 408 tend to see higher speed limits. There’s not any housing surrounding a highway and it’s rare to see foot traffic. There are also no stop signs or stoplights on highways, so it’s easy to maintain a steady speed and thus, a steady flow of traffic.

Our Orlando Toyota tips for safe speed

In closing, follow the speed limit. It makes you a responsible driver and can even save you money; driving slower means better fuel efficiency and less spare change spent at the pump. Just make sure you’re not driving TOO slowly to where you’re impeding traffic or making the likelihood of an accident go up. Our recommendation? Go the speed limit and allow yourself a little leeway – driving 5 mph over or under is usually acceptable as long as you’re paying close attention to your surroundings.

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