Learn what a catalytic converter is with our Orlando auto service center

Taking care of your vehicle should be one of your biggest priorities as a car owner. Your vehicle is an integral part of your life, as it takes you to where you need to go! When one of its auto parts fails, you can be faced with a problem, which means you will have to visit our Orlando auto service center. You might even ignore getting the part fixed or replaced, but that shouldn't happen! Just like with getting routine car maintenance in Orlando done, you should take the time out to make sure that every auto part is in working order.

We know that you might be tempted to disregard car troubles, especially if they involve a car part that you're not familiar with. That's why our Orlando auto service center is explaining what a catalytic converter is and why you should replace it if need be.

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Our Orlando auto service center explains a catalytic converter's role

Many people aren't familiar with what a catalytic converter is, what it does, and what it's made up of. Before you can really understand what this vehicle component does, you have to know what it's made of and how it's built. We sat down with our Orlando Toyota Service professionals to learn more about this component.

The catalytic converter is essentially a big metal box that is bolted to the underside of your car. Two pipes come out of it. The converter's input is the pipe that is connected to the engine. This pipe helps the hot and polluted fumes travel from the engine to the engine's cylinders. The cylinders are where the fuel creates power by burning. 

The second pipe, known as the output, is the pipe that is connected to the car exhaust. When the harmful fumes go over the catalyst (more on that later), chemical reactions occur to make the fumes harmless. Once the process is the done, these harmless fumes are let out in the form of car exhaust smoke. If your exhaust is coming out a strange hue, it means you will need auto repairs in Orlando and possibly a catalytic converter replacement. 

If either of these pipes malfunction, it might be time for Orlando auto repairs!

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Why should you get an Orlando catalytic converter replacement?

A catalytic converter plays a huge role when it comes to converting the noxious gases your car makes to less harmful ones. This auto part uses a catalyst made of different metals to convert three main harmful compounds in car exhaust into harmless compounds. Some of these compounds include:

  • Hydrocarbons: These compounds are found in unburned gasoline. The catalytic converter then oxidizes unburnt hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water.
  • Carbon monoxide: This dangerous and noxious gas is formed by the combustion of gasoline. The auto part then does its job and oxidizes carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.
  • Nitrogen oxide: This compound is produced when the heat from the engine forces nitrogen in the air to mix with oxygen. This dangerous compound is then made less menacing by the catalytic converter. This auto part reduces this compound to nitrogen and oxygen.

Why should these compounds be reduced? For starters, carbon monoxide is harmful to any air-breathing animal. Nitrogen oxide can lead to smog and acid rain, while hydrocarbons produce smog. Don't delay - getting an Orlando catalytic converter replacement is extremely important!

If this car component is malfunctioning, you could be putting out harmful compounds out into the air. An Orlando catalytic converter replacement can help you be kind to the environment. Not only that, but a damaged converter can cause harm to the engine, making it misfire. A ruined engine leads to pricey Orlando auto repairs!

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