Toyota of Orlando shares Toyota service tips on escaping a sinking car!

Have you ever seen a movie where a car plunges off a bridge into the water and the main character has to escape it before it sinks all the way to the bottom? Chances are you'll never have to deal with this type of car accident, luckily. However, the best way to deal with car emergencies is to be prepared for them ahead of time on the off-chance that they actually do happen! Our Orlando Toyota Service Center has tips on how to deal if you find your car suddenly sinking in water - read on!

car sinking in water

Learn how to escape a sinking car with Toyota service tips 

Like we said, you'll most likely never have to use these Orlando Toyota Service tips on how to escape a sinking car. However, better safe than sorry, right? Here are the steps you should take if you find your car suddenly submerged! 

  • Your car won't take long to sink, as dramatic as it is in the movies. The first step our Toyota service techs recommend taking is to unlatch your seatbelts and have your passengers do the same. Do this immediately so you can start working on your escape.
  • You most likely won't be able to push the car door open as it's sinking, as the pressure from the water outside will keep it shut. Instead, our Orlando Toyota service technicians recommend trying to escape through a window. If they'll roll down, do that but be prepared for an onslaught of water into the car (it can be a little scary). You can also try escaping through your car's sunroof. 

Our Orlando auto service center has step-by-step instructions for this car emergency

Orlando auto service tips

  • You also may have to break a window. That's why it's smart to keep a tool in the car under the driver's seat just in case - you won't be able to break the glass with your hands. Our Toyota service center in Orlando recommends keeping a glass breakage tool or a hammer within reach for this purpose. You might be able to find something at our Toyota parts center - ask our parts specialists!
  • Make sure to get children out of the car first and give them a push to the surface before you leave your ride, as it'll be tough to pull them out once you've left the cabin.
  • If your car sinks too quickly for you to react and you can't escape through a window or sunroof, our Orlando Toyota Service techs recommend letting it fill with water (and breathing the air near the roof of the vehicle until it's almost full). This will help equalize the pressure inside and outside, so you SHOULD be able to push the door open and make your way to safety!
  • Never try to take your belongings with you - passengers are the most important, and you waste precious seconds trying to collect your things as you escape (and let's face it, your phone is going to be fried anyway). 

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