Toyota Corolla Recommended Maintenance

Are you the proud first-time owner of an Orlando Toyota Corolla? Whether this is your first ride or you've been driving for a while, you know it's important to keep the resale value of your vehicle up for down the road. Fortunately, new Toyota cars hold their value pretty well. However, you can also do your part to keep your new Toyota Corolla in good shape… by scheduling routine Orlando Toyota service for it! Luckily, we're here to give you the breakdown when it comes to a routine Toyota service schedule for your new Orlando Toyota Corolla!

Toyota Corolla maintenance

Learn when to maintenance your new Orlando Toyota Corolla


Tire rotation/inflation: Every 5,000 miles

You should schedule this Orlando auto service for every 5,000 miles (although if your tires look low, you should definitely check the PSI in between the mile markers). Our Toyota service techs will check to ensure your Toyota Corolla's tires are properly inflated for maximum performance and fuel efficiency, and they'll also rotate them so they wear evenly and last longer. They'll also do a visual inspection to check the tread and overall condition of your tires - this will help ensure you have the proper grip on the road and that you're not about to have a blowout!

Alignment: As needed

Your friendly Orlando Toyota service techs can tell you when you're due for an alignment. You'll definitely need one when you get new tires, or if you get into an accident or collision that knocks the alignment of your Toyota Corolla off. Otherwise, alignments are usually needed every two years or so (but that depends on the amount of mileage you put on your whip).



Oil changes: Every 5,000 miles for conventional motor oil; every 10,000 miles for synthetic motor oil

Whether you're taking your Orlando Toyota Corolla out on the highway to head home to see the parents or you're taking on crowded city streets, you need to get routine oil changes! This Toyota service keeps your engine cool and lubricated; without it, you're likely to face an overheated engine and major mechanical problems.

Fluid levels: Every 5,000 miles

Our Toyota service techs in Orlando will also inspect the other fluids in your Toyota Corolla every time you visit - we're talking brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant (always important here in Central Florida), windshield wiper fluid, etc. They can top things off and also do a visual inspection to see when fluids need to be flushed and replaced.



Visual inspection: Every 5,000 miles

Our Toyota service techs will inspect your Orlando Toyota Corolla's brake system every 5,000 miles, or every time you bring your car in for maintenance. This will help them spot any issues proactively!

Brake pads: Inspection every 12,000 miles and replacement every 25,000 miles

Auto service for your brake pads is important! Our Orlando Toyota service techs will inspect your brake pads every 12,000 miles or so to gauge the thickness of them and see how they're wearing. They'll typically replace them every 25,000 miles or so, but if you have a lead foot when it comes to braking or drive your new Toyota Corolla in a lot of stop and go traffic, you may need new brake pads sooner!



Voltage check/visual inspection: Every 5,000 miles

Our auto service techs will check your Orlando Toyota Corolla's battery every 5,000 miles for signs of bulging, cracking, or leaks. They'll also do a voltage check to make sure it's still cranking out enough juice!

Battery replacement: Every 3 -5 years

When you have to replace the battery in your Toyota Corolla is kind of subjective - typically, you should replace it every 3-5 years for maximum performance. However, if you leave your lights on or your battery gets damaged, you might need a replacement sooner. Our Orlando Toyota service techs can steer you in the right direction!

Let us set up a routine Toyota service schedule for you!


As always, for maximum performance be sure to have our Toyota service techs check your wiper blades, your air filter, and all light bulbs every 5,000 miles, too! This will take your daily drive time to a whole new level.

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