Our Top Ten Toyota Service Tips!

Taking care of your ride with routine Toyota Service in Orlando doesn't have to be a challenge - really, all it requires is a little bit of planning! Thanks to the help of our Toyota Service Center, you can keep your car in tip-top shape at all times just by sticking to a routine maintenance schedule? which we'll keep for you. We'll call and email to remind you when you're due for a visit, and we'll work as hard as we can to ensure your Orlando Toyota Service is as affordable and efficient as it gets!

Toyota Service tips

Give your car the routine Toyota Service it needs to perform! 

We know that caring for your car is essential to a long life and a stellar performance, so we've compiled a list of the top ten Toyota Service tips we think you should be aware of for the best drive time yet! Let's get started! 

1. Always get your routine oil changes in Orlando. Oil changes are absolutely essential to your car's performance and without them you can do some major damage to the engine. Never skip this important Toyota Service! 

2. Keep your car waxed. We live in Florida where it gets very hot, and the sun is very intense! Protect your car's paint by washing and waxing it regularly to protect it from UV rays that can cause it to fade, crack, and peel! Our Orlando Toyota Service techs can point you in the direction of the right wax for your car. 

3. Get your tires inflated, and rotated on a regular basis. This particular auto service in Orlando ensures that your tires wear evenly and have the long life span they should - when you skip rotations, you're going to wear them out more quickly. 

4. Flush your coolant system when you're due! This will ensure your air conditioning works at maximum capacity, and also keep your engine nice and cool when it's working hard. A flush will keep deposits and debris from building up in the system! 

5. Stick to a routine brake service schedule! Orlando Toyota Service for your brakes will help you know when you're due for new brake pads so you protect your rotors.

Orlando car maintenance tips

Let our techs guide your Orlando car maintenance schedule! 

6. Inspect the battery and cables on a regular basis for corrosion, swelling, or leaks. Replace your car battery as needed, too! 

7. Have our Toyota service techs in Orlando inspect all belts and hoses under the hood to be on the lookout for wear and tear; replace ones that are wearing out or showing signs of damage. 

8. Get Orlando wheel alignments as needed to ensure your tires wear evenly and your ride gives you a safe drive time! 

9. Swap out your engine air filter to maximize performance and keep your fuel efficiency up to par! 

10. Replace your windshield wipers - they keep your visibility maximized when the weather is making your drive time difficult! 

We could keep going, but we'll let you talk to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando for any questions you might have regarding maintaining your ride. Give them a call today at (866) 945-0493!



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